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    Cutom made desktop ($500 OBO)

    Abit IC7 Mobo
    2.4Ghz P4
    3x512Mb DDR (1xPC3200,2xPC2700)
    Radeon 9700Pro
    1x120GB WD Hard Drive
    1x160GB Hard drive (Maybe I forget but I'll check back)
    1xGeneric NIC
    1x400W Antec Power Supply
    Aluminum Case, I modded the side with a cutout of the FF7 Fireball about 7 years ago :D.

    "Laptop" ($800 OBO)
    So the screen broke while I was cleaning it, and the sound card is also broken :/. To make up for the sound card I will include the sennheiser PC155 headset - it comes in two parts. A usb sound card with headphone and mic jack, and the actual headset.

    1.6Ghz Centrino Platform
    Intel 2100bg Wireless
    2x512Mb DDR2-533Mhz RAM (PC4200 i think)
    1xNvidia 6800Go 256Mb Graphics card (this thing pwns hl2 and even plays oblivion well!)
    1x80Gb SATA hard drive
    1xDual layer DVD+-RW (think its 4x)

    Any questions about hardware software please ask!

    Both machines are in fine working condition besides the problems I outlined. I regularly clean them (In fact just 4 weeks ago I took apart the entire laptop, cleaned every part, applied good thermal paste, and re-assembled.)

    Both are extremely cheap because I am a poor college student who has been having a hell of a time finding a job.

    I am also selling A Denon AVR-2803 (silver) surround sound receiver asking $500. If you want any specifics please ask!



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