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Sell: Three Games for Sell.

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  • Sell: Three Games for Sell.

    I bought Stalker last week hoping it was going to be better than I thought, but I can't seem to get into this game enough to keep it. Also, I have Supreme Commander, and Dark Messiah for sell, both of these are brand new, but they are OEM, no packaging beside a sleeve, but they both have retail cd-keys.

    Since Stalker is pretty much a week ago, and I have full retail box for it, I'd like to get offered a decent price for it. Retail for this is 39.99$

    Supreme Commander, I'd like to get at least a reasonable deal since its still a newer game, although I won't ask anywhere near retail price, since I do not have the retail box, but retail dvd and cd-key.

    Dark Messiah, I'll sell it pretty cheap as well.

    The reason for these OEM games, is I bought them from Newegg just week and a half ago. Please PM me with your offers.

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Retail case, mutiplayer cdkey - I'd like at least 28-30$
    Supreme Commander - OEM, sleeve only, cd-key
    Dark Messiah - OEM, sleeve only, cd-key.

    I'll pay for shipping, so please take that into consideration.

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    Re: Sell: Three Games for Sell.

    Man, you don't like STALKER? I didn't at first, but it's starting to get really good!

    Folks, $30 for a brand new game is a good deal. Jump on it if he doesn't change his mind!
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      Re: Sell: Three Games for Sell.

      Well quite honest if I remember correctly, the singleplayer doesn't even ask for the CDkey, its only if your playing mutiplayer.

      I won't change my mind at this point, maybe its because I'm still playing 2142, POE2, and just got Shivering Isles expansion for Oblivion. So probably I really don't have much time for Stalker right now. Maybe in the future though.


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        Re: Sell: Three Games for Sell.

        Pm sent re Stalker :D
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          Re: Sell: Three Games for Sell.

          STALKER has been SOLD.

          Please though if anyone is interested in the other two games. Please take them off my hands, they won't be getting any use from me.



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            Re: Sell: Three Games for Sell.

            Ok, still trying to sell the other two games, I'll take 15-16$ for Supreme Commander, and 10-12$ for Dark Messiah.

            I accept paypal for easy transfer.




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