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  • Sell: Misc Hardware

    I'm offering a brand new Zalman CNPS9500 LED CPU Cooler.

    The Zalman CNPS9500:

    All Dual Core CPU's
    All Pentium CPU's (Socket 775/478)
    All AMD Sempron/AMD64 CPU's (Socket 754/939/940)

    Newegg link -

    The reason I'm selling this, is because I had started building my new computer last week, and I already had my motherboard, and wireing all hooked up, and then I bought this, and didn't realize these newer sockets required a special back brace for the heatsink fan cooler to be supported. The retail price is 53.99, this is brand new, never been installed. Only thing is, it has been opened and looked at. Instructions were read quite a bit.

    So I'm asking a fair price for this.

    Also for sale is some RAM from my old computer.

    I'm offering 2x1GB sticks of Dual channel PC3200 (DDR400) ram. CL 2.5-3-3-6 speeds. The brand is G.Skill, it also has heatspreaders attached to them. I paid 150$ for these about 9 months ago, the price has gone down by now. I'm not asking to much for these, just offer me a reasonable price.


    Video Card:

    I'm offering a PNY Nvidia Geforce 6600 256mb card. It ran Battlefield 2 in medium-high settings, and BF2142 as well. With decent famerates. I'm offering this card for pretty cheap as its semi-outdated for now.

    the card itself is pretty clean, but the fan is a little dirty with dirt. Most people understand this lol.


    PM your offers please.

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    Re: Sell: Misc Hardware

    Just thought I'd drop in to say that I have almost that exact CPU heatsink, and it is pure awesomeness in a box.
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      Re: Sell: Misc Hardware

      Yeah, I'm really annoyed at myself for not putting it in, I was just to excited to get my PC built, and didn't want to start over putting everything back in, I hate re-wireing everything back to the mobo, maybe in the future I'll do something about it.




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