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  • FS: Inspiron 8600

    OK, I have become quite strapped for cash as of late, and need to liquidate some hardware.

    I wanted to offer this to TG before I sent it to ebay, as I would much rather see one of you guys get a great deal than some random person.

    So, I have a Dell Inspiron 8600 for sale. I would give you the service tag, but it would be worthless.

    I have upgraded every part on this computer except for the processor.

    cpu-------------1.5 pentium-m-------------same (will hold a SL7V3 --- which is a Pentium-M 2.1 Dothan 400fsb)
    memory--------256 ddr 266----------------2048 ddr400
    hdd-------------40gig 4200rpm-------------80gig 7200rpm WD scorpio
    wireless---------intel 2100 (b only)--------intel 3945 a/b/g
    video-----------fx5200 32meg-------------radeon 9600 pro turbo 128 meg
    bluetooth-------none-----------------------dell 355+EDR
    cdrom----------DVD/CDRW combo------DVDRW/DL
    TVTuner--------none----------------------PCMCIA NTSC
    OS-------------WinXP-home--------------XP-home (can upgrade to MCE for 75.00)

    This computer is fully Vista ready and runs Vista business very well. I currently have XP-MCE 2005 rollup2 loaded though.

    The battery holds a full charge and lasts for 3.5 hrs easily. You will also get the A/C adapter, and all restore media, as well as a cd with the current drivers for the computer. It will arrive ready to go. I also have the original video card and wireless card if you would like them.

    I have rebuilt this computer from the ground up and know everything about it. there is not one thing (other than the cosmetic scratches and blemishes that used computers have) wrong with this computer. I have spent over 900.00 on this computer in the last 6 months to build it, and hate to part with it. keeping my car is more important than keeping a second laptop though.

    So, I am asking 700.00 for it. These things with lesser components are going for 650 to 700 on ebay every day. I have seen only one computer close to mine and it wound up at 815 w/ 45 s/h.

    I want to give someone a great deal though. I hope someone here is in need of a solid computer.

    Anyone interested, please pm me or email @ bit2byte at gmail dot com

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