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  • Buying: PS2 games

    Hey everyone, just bought the silver mini ps2 a few days ago, thought I'd give it a whirl.

    Now that I have this frail, tiny precious thing, I need games. Cheap ones at that.

    So just list what games your willing to sell and the price (individually)

    If your looking for a trade, list what you like, maybe I have it. (Can be anything.)

    So thanks for reading and considering.

    P.S. PS1 games compatible with PS2?

    P.S.S. Have mercy on the prices ;)
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    Re: Buying: PS2 games

    Hello, there.

    If you are interested in trading or otherwise getting PS2 games on the cheap, you may want to check out TG's SaySwap Portal. Essentially, you trade and buy games using their special currency. You might want to ask Apophis about how the TG portal is special.

    Have fun with your system!

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      Re: Buying: PS2 games

      Thanks, I was actually looking into that on the other thread.

      I'd rather try personal trades and buys via PM, before setting up sayswap.

      I'm in no hurry, but maybe in a week or so I'll try it.
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