Hey guys.. I'm selling a couple of things and thought I'd mention it here -

2 things so far, maybe more to come - both are brand new in box and unopened.

First (retailing at ~$1500)-

ATI FireGL V7350 1GB GDDR3 Ultra High-end Graphics Accelerator
- Unfortunately I listed this on eBay first opening at $800 before offering it here, if you are interested and eBay doesn't work out, it is yours for $800including shipping.. O.B.O.
- FYI.. this isn't a GREAT gaming card, it's more of a workhorse. But it's got some game soooo.. If you need the horsepower.. go for it.

Second (retailing at $149)-

Windows Vista Business 32-bit OEM
- 'Eh, I dunno.. $95 with shipping? I dunno.. make a decent offer.
- I think it includes a coupon for a $10 upgrade to 64-bit, I could be wrong though - it is unopened - so don't hold me to it.

Manufacturers warranty still applies but no 'returns', So read up on the products from the manufacturer before offering.

PayPal is available. No shipping charges.