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just got a few stuff to sell

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  • just got a few stuff to sell

    Alright, so I'm back again with some stuff I'd like to get rid of.

    NOTE: Any price with a (*) is negotiable.

    1) Playstation 2: 100*
    2) Call of Duty:20
    3) 007 Everything or Northing:20
    4) Medal of Honor: Rising Sun: 20
    5) Atv Offroad: Free with purchase of PS2 above
    6) Soul Calibur 2: 20
    in another words, all my games are 20

    i'm thinking of a bargain that if someone buys 1-6 at 250, i'll add a free GR2, network adapter, mem card and free shipping.

    7) Samsung 512 mb DDR memory: *
    8) Dual Speakers: Free with a donation to the TG Tsunami Relief Fund (and be honest for goodness sake)
    9) Enter the Matrix (fair/poor condition but the CD is fine): 5
    10) 007 Nightfire PC: FREE, pay shipping price
    11) Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge: 10

    i don't know how this will work, i guess if you want whichever i'm selling, just call out the number and perhaps we can discuss about it through PMing.

    i think they are reasonable but if you can find a less expensive used item, correct me. also, unless you're buying the "1-6" bargain, i'd appreciate if you can pay for shipping too, but it's your choice, this is TG and I'm no longer accustomed to ripping people off.

    red color means "sold"
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    Re: just got a few stuff to sell

    ill take the mem for 50.........
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      Re: just got a few stuff to sell

      Ill get back to you on that enter the matrix.

      Edit:Nm thought it was for computer.




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