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Wii for sale - used in good condition

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  • Wii for sale - used in good condition

    Hey guys,

    Several months ago I purchased a Wii to play on my nice big-screen TV. Of course, at the time, work wasn't really that busy for me so I actually had time to play. Anyways, the TV died a month or so ago and I'm on the verge of a major promotion at work so I don't really have the time anymore to play the Wii.

    I would rather see that my Wii gets to a good home that will use it and enjoy it more than I can do so. This would be a good Christmas present for someone.

    Here's the details of what you get:

    The Wii itself with standard accessories - Wii-mote and nunchuck (one)
    Wii Sports
    Wii Play
    Super Smash Brothers Brawl

    I'm asking $300 even for it. No shipping charge - I'll ship it via UPS on my own dime.

    PM if interested. :)


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    Re: Wii for sale - used in good condition

    Voltron, let's discuss this privately. My wife may be interested. This however should not discourage anyone else who is interested from inquiring.
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