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Immaculate Latitude D531, make me an offer I cant refuse!

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  • Immaculate Latitude D531, make me an offer I cant refuse!

    I am thinking about selling my Dell Latitude D531 laptop. I bought it back at the end of July 08 and it has 24/7 next business day on-site warranty service through July 2011. When I bought it I spec'd it out with the highest everything. This laptop is my baby and it does not have any scratches on it or on the screen. This laptop looks like it just arrived from the factory! Here are the specs:

    Processor: AMD Turion X2 TL-66 2.3 GHz
    RAM: Upgraded to OCZ Platinum DDR2-800 4GB (2x2GB)
    HDD: 120GB 7200 RPM SATA 3G
    Screen: I think it was called the truelife screen 1440x900 15.4"
    Battery: Upgraded to 9 cell (vs 6cell) plus extra 9 cell battery. Gets about 6 hours per battery
    AC adaptor: 90 watt vs standard 65 watt.
    Bluetooth 2.0- integrated
    Wireless: Dell 1505 wireless B, G, N
    Audio: Integrated sigmatel HD Audio
    DVD: Dual Layer DVD RW
    OS: It came with Vista Business 32 SP1 license and an XP pre-install downgrade. I will load it with Vista ultimate 64 if you like.

    I also just replaced the keyboard yesterday as my girlfriend popped off the J key with her nail by accident. I also have a docking station for this laptop. I payed $1200 for the laptop when I bought it, $80 for the RAM upgrade, $300 for the docking station (really nice has DVI and VGA outs), and $200 for the extra battery. A nice feature about this lappy is that the DVD drive has a quick disconnect so you can pull it out without tools and slide in a modular bay battery that will give you some extra life. You can get one of those batteries from Dell. So all in all I payed around $1700 for the setup. I would keep this laptop but I would like to see about getting an XPS. I will consider all reasonable offers.

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    Re: Immaculate Latitude D531, make me an offer I cant refuse!

    Oh yea, when I do the restore, it does not include any bloat ware, the restore cd's are just the OS :D




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