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    So I went through my game rack and found these that I want to rid myself of. A detailed description of each and their condition follows. I am willing to sell or trade them. I will combine games and shipping if you want several. If you wish to buy an item, you pay for fedex shipping. If we trade then I'll pay for the shipping to you if you'll take care of shipping the other game to me. Fair enough? lol Please PM with offers, trades, questions, or comments. Thanks.

    Anyway, here we go.

    James Bond: 007 Nightfire
    Wonderful game. Very fun as most of the 007 games are. Nothing major with this one. Original Jewel Case with serial clearly visible and undamaged. Disk One has some small scratches, but it plays and installs fine.

    Army Men 2 - $5 OBO
    Fun, if old, game. There is still something wonderful about running around with a squad of army men melting the tan men. :madsmile: It has some very fun vehicle combat as well as multiplayer. Original Jewel case is in good condition. This game does not require a serial. Installs and plays fine last time I did(A while ago)

    Cabela's Big Game Hunter: Alaskan Adventure - 10th Anniversary Edition - $10 OBO
    New Game. I bought it last year from walmart to play on a long drive home and installed it a total of 2 times. Runs fine.

    Indiana Jones And The Emperor's Tomb - $10 OBO
    Great game. Possibly my favorite on this list. It is a 3rd person classic shoot em up game with you as Indy! It has great hand-to-hand combat features as well as allowing you to play with a large assortment of WWII style weapons. The best part is the story line. It's classic Indy, Challenging, and will provide hours of fun. Disks are in great shape.

    Star Wars: Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast - $5 OBO
    Classic Star Wars Game. great 3rd/1st person action with everything from a lightsaber to a Wookie Bo-Caster. It's got familiar Jedi Knight game play that made its line famous. Disk in in great shape with some minor scratches.

    Maximum Racing: Muscle Car 3 and 4x4 Evo. - Offer Price
    I'll Be Honest and say I have no idea how these run. I've installed 4x4 Evo once and the other game would not run on the system I had at the time. Disks are in excellent shape.

    Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 - $10 OBO
    Great game from the NFS line up. Be the cop and bust the bad guys or race the cops and run from the cops for money. Great game. Installs and runs fine. I have the serial. Disk in great shape but the original Jewel case has one peg missing.

    Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed - $10 OBO
    Another great NFS game. It's a direct racing game with a campaign of sorts mode where you work your way up as a Porsche test driver. Very fun. Disk is fine with a few small scratches. The Original Jewel case is missing a peg and has some cracks.

    Pearl Harbor: Defend The Fleet - $2 OBO
    An oldie but a goodie. You play as a gun turret on board one of the Pearl Harbor ships during the WWII Pearl Harbor attack. Fun game play but it gets kinda boring after a while. You do get to unlock guns as you play. All the way up to rockets. Disk is fine and Jewel case is original but has front cover paper missing.

    Pearl Harbor: Pacific Warriors - $3 OBO
    A fun arcade style flight sim. You play as a plane flying around south pacific islands defeating enemy planes and bosses as the levels progress. There are also unlocks hidden around the maps that are cool to find and enhance game play.

    Star Wars Battle Front - $10 OBO
    The game that started it all. A great, classic Star Wars game that began the wave of star wars FPS/ vehicles combat games. All disks are fine and serial is clear.

    Star Wars: Battle Front II - $15 OBO
    The newest installment of the Star Wars battle front series. It builds on the game play began in BF1 and makes it even better. All disks are fine. The manual is torn on the back and therefore the serial is gone, but I have it in digital form(I backup all my game keys) and will print it and send it along.

    Star Wars: Episode I the Phantom Menace - $3 OBO
    Simply a great Star Wars game. It is an early 3rd person shooter with OK graphics and fantastic game play. You play as Obi-Wan, Quigon-Jin, Capt. Panaka, and Queen Amidala as you battle through the rather heavily modified events of Episode one. Over all it's a favorite of mine simply because it's fun.

    Star Wars: Galactic Battle Grounds Saga - $5 OBO
    This package combines two great Star Wars Strategy games into one great package. It has campaigns from all the episodes except ROTS. You can build a large number of vehicles and dominate the missions that are actually pretty hard(for me, but I've never been much of a strategy game guy). Original case has two broken tabs with only one still on. The disks are fine, but disk one began to fail a while back so I made a copy before it gave out(see picture).

    Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance - $5 OBO
    Possibly one of the oldest Star Wars flight sims. It is the best I think. It's a great game. The story line puts you in the shoes of a trading family that eventually gets taken over by the empire. After you do many missions as a trader your family is torn apart by the empire and you join the Rebel Alliance. You then fly a separate disk full of missions all leading to the battle of the death star(which is challenging). This is one of kind SW flight sim as you actually have to manage power consumption of guns and shields and transfer power between either has one gets low from use or laser hits. This is my favorite SW game of all time.

    So that's it. I hope you can help me get these out of my house. Again, I will take trades and will package multiple games for trade/sale to save on shipping. PM me with offers or comments.



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