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Any birdwatchers/stargazers/shooters have a scope?

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  • Any birdwatchers/stargazers/shooters have a scope?

    Tax time has provided me with some money to spend and I've decided to get involved in highpower rifle competition. To compete, I need a spotting scope that will enable me to see .22 caliber holes in a black background from 300 yards away. I'm completely ignorant on optics, though.

    A lot of distinguished shooters are recommending that I get a Kowa 821 with a Long Eye Relief eyepiece. We're talking about $600-700 here! The good thing is that this is the best of the best, from what I understand. I'll never need another scope.

    On the other hand, I'm also looking at this entry level scope kit from a competitive shooter and fellow Marine. If I buy this cheap scope from him, I can trade it in later for a Kowa and half of my original cost applied to the upgrade. He then donates the cheap scope to a junior shooting club. This appeals to me, but I don't really want to waste my money on a scope that won't do what I want...

    So, anyway. Why this forum? I thought I remembered that there were some skywatchers here and I thought maybe someone could educate me on the differences between these two scopes and maybe even someone has a spotting scope for sale.
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