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4 Sale: GH complete set and games for Xbox 360...

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  • 4 Sale: GH complete set and games for Xbox 360...

    Well they were great fun while they lasted... my kids and I jammed out too a number of tunes... but now their both high school teenagers and want nothing to do with me... (wheres my beer)... so I play solo a lot.. and it's not as fun anymore... so...

    I'm selling the complete band set and games of Guitar Hero for the Xbox 360... $200.00 bucks with shipping in the US...

    What you get is the drum kit set with duel kick pedals (forgot to put them in the picture), 2 guitars with a stand, and 2 microphones... (ALL WIRELESS), but thats not all (RIP Billy Mays, lol)... order now and we will include (lol) all three Guitar Hero games I have... including GH 5 which was just released 2 DAYS AGO, at 60 bucks just for that game... and also GH Metallica (the best one IMO), and GH Smash Hits!

    Let me know if interested via PM... first come first serve... and if no sell within 10 days, I'm taking the set to ebay and starting it out at 250!

    Magnum |TG-18th|

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