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Looking for a 939 board for cheap

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  • Looking for a 939 board for cheap

    Hey all, I am trying to fix my old system for my kids but my mobo seems to be shot. I was hoping that someone may have a socket 939 board just laying around that has AGP and accepts pc3200 memory? I will be putting my amd64 3200+ processor in it. I don't need a lot of options as far as o/cing goes, just something reliable.

    P.S.....It needs to be really cheap as my employer has cut me down to 4 days/wk instead of 5 =(
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    Re: Looking for a 939 board for cheap

    I have 939 board, Not agp though, pm me if your interested
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      Re: Looking for a 939 board for cheap

      I have e great board and I am dying to get rid of it.
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      I also have AMD 4000+ San Diego + Asus 1950Pro + 4GB RAM + Antec PSU + Thermaltake Cooler. It used to be wife's computer. I do not need this stuff at all.

      I will sell it to you at a great price. (-:
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