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selling an xbox 360 elite

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  • selling an xbox 360 elite

    Hi guys is anyone interested in buying an xbox 360 elite?

    I am selling as a complete bundle:
    1 Xbox 360 elite (black) with 120 gig Hard Drive and all associated cables.
    COD MW2
    1 HDMI cable
    1 black wireless controller with standard xbox live headset.

    Price: $230 + $10 shipping which totals to be $240.
    I will be shipping from Fort Worth, Texas.

    The xbox is in awesome condition. I bought this console in march 2010. So I've only had this thing for a few months. I am selling this because I'm no longer interested in playing xbox 360 games.
    I won't be able to get a good picture of my system since I do not have a camera. I will try to use my crappy camera phone to get a pic.

    BTW the xbox I believe is the Jasper motherboard which does not suffer from the red ring problem. The PSU is rated at 150W.

    PIC will be added soon.

    Have a great day!! :icon6:
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    Re: selling an xbox 360 elite

    Just FYI, the normal Elite just dropped to $250 (With Forza 3 and Halo ODST included) because of the release of the 360 Slim. Might want to adjust price accordingly.


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      Re: selling an xbox 360 elite

      well I can't seem to edit my original post. New price is $180 add $10 for shipping.




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