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Joint Operations: Combined Arms Gold -$5.00 STEAM

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  • Joint Operations: Combined Arms Gold -$5.00 STEAM

    Ok FOlks..Not sure if anyone on TG doesn't have this..or sold it..or lost it.. but the Combind JOINT OPS games in one $5.00 pack.. wow.. Not sure if anyone on Earth stll plays it.. but consider this game a Faster paced ARMA.. Love..LOVE the helo.. and who could forget hanging out under a dock waiting for an enemy wimmer so you could knife them.. ;-)

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    Re: Joint Operations: Combined Arms Gold -$5.00 STEAM

    I figured those servers would of been dead a long time ago, I only remember playing the demo years ago. It was fun, but never had a computer back then to run it. This game supports over 100 players yeah?


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      Re: Joint Operations: Combined Arms Gold -$5.00 STEAM

      I never played the Gold edition but the basic version had 150 player servers but I never saw more than 100 and it was always a noob frag-fest.
      But $5 ?
      How would you find out if the servers are still populated ?
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        Re: Joint Operations: Combined Arms Gold -$5.00 STEAM

        GameMonitor and GameTracker both do not have listings for the servers anymore. Hard to tell whose playing.


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          Re: Joint Operations: Combined Arms Gold -$5.00 STEAM

          The last time I played JO about 6 months ago there were still people playing online, roughly 500 people with 1-2 100 player servers. Most of the servers were either playing ICE mod or IC mod but there were a few vanilla servers and some Coop servers.
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            Re: Joint Operations: Combined Arms Gold -$5.00 STEAM

            JointOps is still up, but only most stubborn die hard farts are playing it these days. Last IC tournament were held last year it were no.32 if I'm correct.

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              Re: Joint Operations: Combined Arms Gold -$5.00 STEAM

              Wow thread revival 9000! Heh, didn't figure JO to be still maintained by the community. I have no clue where I stashed my copy now that I think about it. Not sure if I even want to revisit the game after so long and given the graphical and gameplay quality of today's games.
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                Re: Joint Operations: Combined Arms Gold -$5.00 STEAM

                Haha, 5 years it is not so much... Seriously I didn't notice that this thread were on Buy & Sell section when I did post that above. Found it with search.

                For what comes to current state of JO it's pretty pale ghost these days compared what it used to be, not too much players. Weekends there is still enough players to get somekind of party going.

                Delta Force: Black Hawk Down have still bigger playerbase, JO is more player hungry environment.




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