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  • So many games...

    Not sure how many of you guys (and gals) visit this thread, but was just curious who plays some of these random games. I realize this is a "game review" forum, but it seemed like the best place to discuss this... :-)

    First, I started my MMO career (obsession... lol) with Ultima Online, back in 1998. Wow, I can't believe it has been that long. But MMO's have changed so much since then. Well, they have a UO2 coming out, in case anyone even knows what UO was (or liked it). It's called Shroud of the Avatar. Until I was introduced to Planetside 2, I was kind of a beta tester. Anywho, I'm sure I'll be hitting it on release day (December of this year, maybe?).

    If you liked Diablo 2 (NOT 3), you should check out Marvel Heroes. Like most games these days, it's F2P. Ignore any reviews you've read (or experience you had) upon the game's release. It has come a LONG way. But it's probably only really appealing to those who like ARPG games and/or the Marvel Universe.

    Besides PS2, I've been playing Saints Row. Steam offered a Saints Row 2-4 pack, which I bought. It's pretty much 'R' rated, but the dialogue is pretty funny, and the game play is cool. If it wasn't for Planetside, I'd probably be playing it A LOT more. Anyone else play?

    I also recently bought Dark Souls 2 (again, Steam sale... I'm a sucker for a bargain, lol). I like it, but man is it hard. As I get older, I seem less qualified for any game that requires more than simple button-mashing (which I excel at). Still, it seems to be super popular and is quite fun.

    Gauntlet. Wow, I played the original on the Atari 2600 (bonus points for those who know what that is!). I was 7, maybe 10, when that game was released on "console." And it was cool. It was the first D&D type game (i.e., RPG) that I remember which was, erm, graphical (8-bit is not so graphical these days, but trust me, back then it was amazing!). Anyway, I was thinking about buying the updated version, but I hear it requires a team. Since I don't know anyone who plays it, I'm kinda on the fence.

    I've been thinking about the new Civ game, but it's gotten mixed reviews. I hear it's basically Civ V, but reskinned, and with less AI personality..?

    If anyone reads this, feel free to comment here, or add me as a friend on Steam (I have so few, lol). Just look for Lagerfeld, in Virginia. Or say "Hi" in Planetside, if you play that. Or send me a message on this site, and even the finger if you completely disagree with any of the games I've mentioned, haha. I just love to talk games, even if i'm shot down and/or flamed for comments, lol.

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