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    QUICK & DIRTY CONCLUSION: Buy it RIGHT NOW! Or atlease get ONE Total War game!
    9.5/10 (only because I don't beleive anything is a perfect 10....except Kate Upton....and Candice Swaenpeol...and....nevermind...)

    The year is 395 AD, and a lasting cold creeps from the north as climates shift (the Stark's have a saying about this, I think). The Roman Empire, divided into Western & Eastern spheres of influence, have become stretched thin as corruption and decadence have taken root among the nobilitas of their culture. Discontent and insurrection are fermenting all throughout the territories as the barbarians that Rome had fought so desperately to quell in centuries past begin to smell her weakness; Rome was dying.

    In the Far East a formidable enemy is awakening and marshaling for war. In 400 AD a child sucks in his 1st lungful and lets out a shreiking cry as he is wrapped with fresh linen. This baby--this warrior with the blood of the leader of the Huns in his veins--is named Attila.

    The civilized world has reached a tipping point; once past this fulcrum the scales will begin to tip, and the blood of both your allies and enemies will be in which you sow the seeds of your country.

    It'll grow, this seed. It'll blossom into an empire that will rival Rome's former glory, and more. You'll build your supplies, make ready your weapons, and take your men to distant lands. Riches, resources, and the funnest damn time with a game I've had in a long time are in store for all of those that have guts; for them, they will receive everlasting glory in the annals of history.
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    IMPORTANT: Many do not recommend this as your first Total War (TW) game; it was my first and it was incredibly hard. The learning curve is brutal, but I can attest that it is doable with Attilas, but many online reveiws suggest that this shouldn't be your first TW game.

    But if you like a challenge...

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    * Experience & Impressions:
    Attila is the latest installment in the series of games that has stretched across time and geography to allow you to lead various historic cultures and empires (factions) through conquest until they reign supreme upon the charted maps. By all accounts it has done this very well, and Attila is no exception in my opinion. The game is incredibly in-depth; I have played 130+ hours of it (in an absurdly shocking and short amount of time :row__591:) and I am still completely surprised by new features every time I play. There is seriously A TON OF INFORMATION TO SWALLOW. This game has complex hotkeys, politic dynamics, and other game mechanics, and it literally boggled my mind at first.


    Once you start to get the hang of how things work, the game is IMMENSELY rewarding. You watch your small country, barely a blip on the HUGE campaign map, begin to grow, create revenue and spread out. I began the game as a Dane (got to buy a DLC, more about that in a bit) the first time, and it did not last long. I had MANY many many false starts. 3 years, 8 years, 4 years, 10 years, then my economy would tank--or maybe food--and I would restart. But I always did a little better each time.

    I am now playing a campaign as the Franks, and I am ~100 turns in (25 years). I've looked for a wife for my king, made an alliance with an ally for his daughter, watched them give birth to a son who is now 8. He will rule my Empire after his father, Faramund, dies.

    The scope of this game, and its unforgiving consequences, are this game's greatest positives. You are playing for the long term goals while maintaining the month-to-month operations of a Kingdom and then Empire. What you do this turn could begin a domino affect that will lead to bankruptcy 8-12 turns down the line. An alliance you make early on makes you a hated enemy of a nation you won't even encounter for a decade.

    It truly is an awesome game.
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    One of the bigger drawbacks is the DLC's that are available for the game that add almost nothing. One of them, in paticular, is quite annoying. It is call the "Blood & Fire" DLC which adds--wait for it--blood and fire. It simply makes better textures for the fire and adds blood decals on the soldiers and ground to simulate the spray of blood in a battle. And it looks good. However, this is something that should have been a setting in the game, not something to charge the customer over. Plus side, it is cheap and easy to just bundle with the game when buying via Steam.

    Still, just kinda irks me, even knowing why they did it (for the ESRB rating, diff story).
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    War & Politic Mechanics:
    Attila can be as much about political maneuvering as it is playing god-from-above on the battlefield. Before going to war, check the "Diplomacy" tab. See who like that faction, who doesn't. Does someone really dislike, and you want to change it? Go ahead. Hell, send him so nice gifts, wine & dine him, and eventually you might make him a puppet state. A. Puppet. State. Live out your Cheney fantasy :row__590:. Attila has a wide variety of options to choose from when dealing with other factions, from 'Arrange a Marriage' (where you either marry one of another factions' daughters, or marry off your own to secure an alliance), to such options as 'Liberate' (this allows youto simply conquer a city and then give it back to the ancestral peoples of that region (i.e. you can conquer London [Londinium] and give it back to the Britains).

    And all of these options can have far-reaching consequences, so decide carefully and be ready with contingencies if all else fails.

    Turns in Attila last for 3 months, or one season; there are 4 turns per year. This is the turned based campaign part of the game. You manage your empire, move your armies, spies, priests, and heroes to where they are needed. You build up you towns to be more productive. You assign provincial governors, issue their edicts. When things get big with your empire, it is not without likelihood that you will press "End Turn" having completely forgot to do everything; I've pressed it only to realize, "Oh, yeah, all of Spain." when I spent most of a turn focusing around Britain and forgot to move all the forces I had for my campaign in Spain (mostly on the plain).

    Like I said, you get used to it. Things that had once completely eluded you become second nature. Repitition, Repitition, Repitition makes perfect. Practice and you'll succeed.
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    The Communiuty & Mods:
    Here at TG, I've come to expect a certain degree of maturity (and humiliation, at times... :p). I have realized, however, that the internet is hardly an ideal or conducive environment for that (...except humiliation...) sort of expectation. However, this game's steep learning curve has weeded out most of the "undesirables" from the community (much like Project Reality did, in a way). The community is entirely helpful, and will promptly answer questions you have on the official or Steam forums. There are some great threads from TW's community that I suggest you read, I'll post the websites at the bottom.

    Another great feature of this game is its modibility (is that word?). On the Steam Workshop there is a TON of mods that correct many of the quirks in the Vanilla game. Do anything from minor visual changes, re-skins of every unit, entirely new units, and XP tweaks. There is a multitude of mods to customize Attila to suit your playstyle.
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    Total War: Attila is a GREAT game. I do not just say that casually, I actually mean great when I say it here.

    It has succeeded to become a great strategical franchise that will continue to putout quality games, and Attila continues to confirm this. Many say that your first Total War game should be Medieval II or Shogun (I & II), but I played it--having had minimal Rome I experience--and I cannot beleive the fun I have had. I bought it 2 months ago and I have logged an unhealthy 130+ hours. I haven't seen the sun except to go to work and school for 3 weeks.

    Attila is just that awesome and time consuming.

    If you see it on sale, swoop on it.


    EDIT: My first reveiw, let me know if you liked it ;P
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