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  • Rainbow Six Vegas for the PC

    Rainbow Six Vegas
    PC Review


    Well another year, another new Rainbow Six game. Last year we were treated to one of the worst tactical shooters ever made. Rainbow Six Lockdown for the PC almost unanimously got terrible reviews, and negative opinions internet wide. UbiSoft really shot themselves in the foot with that release. Will the new version, Rainbow Six Vegas, be another debacle, or will it redeem the otherwise fantastic series.

    I wasnít really that interested in the game after the bad taste with Lockdown, but I've played the Xbox 360 version of Vegas, and love it. If the PC version is just as good, then we may have a winner I think. That of course is the million dollar question.

    System requirements:

    First off I must tell you that a Shader 3.0 enabled video card is a must with Vegas, and it will not work on anything less, period. This is a major strike again the game already, considering most gamers Iíve talked to donít have a Shader Model 3.0 enabled card yet, itís relatively new on only the latest video cards.

    The game manual states the minimum requirement for the game is a 3 GHz Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 3000 processor, with recommended requirement of a 3.5 Pentium 4 or a AMD Athlon 3500, 1 gig of RAM, 128 MB video RAM Graphic Card (again DirectX 9.0c compliant, Shader 3.0 enabled video card, DirectX 9.0c sound card, 7 gigs of hard drive space, and a DVD-ROM.

    As you can see the requirements are pretty high for this game, and as usual, the ďrecommendedĒ is really the standard.

    I ran the game with everything on high and at [email protected] on my system. I averaged around 30 to 50 frames per section. The only problems I ever had with my settings and frame rate is after starting a new mission, once spawned in and before any action I would get a second long pause in game. I then never had another issue till the next load up. The pauses always happened at a fresh mission load long before enemy contact so I was OK with it.

    The game:

    Rainbow Six Vegas takes part in, well, Vegas. But thatís not all; youíll be surprised to learn that you start the single player campaign in Mexico. And it looks almost exactly like Ghost Recon Advance Warfighterís Mexico. Then after a little action south of the border, you move into sin city, Vegas, and end at the Nevada Dam, of all places.

    Guess what, Clark and Chavez have retired, thereís a new Rainbow Six team, lead by you. You play as Captain Logan Keller, with a smaller team of operatives.

    Those gosh darn terrorist have taken over Americas playground, and the entire world is watching, live on TV. You and your team have one night to bring order to chaos, find out exactly what those terrorist are up to, and then put a stop to it.

    Weapons and gear:

    Sure you get the usual mega-assortment of weapons and gear, far too many to list here. Each has a damage modifier, range modifier, and accuracy modifier, along with attachments for most that change the mentioned modifiers. Itís going to be hard not to compare Vegas with Lockdown, but UbiSoft brought that upon themselves. Iím happy to report that the weapons do feel different and right compared to Lockdowns, which seemed to be pretty general.

    At a quick glance, I see about 30 different weapons, from pistols and sniper rifles to assault rifles and machine guns. Also a number of shotguns which seem to me to be a little over powered in game. I donít know how many times I died because of a distance shot gun blast, wearing medium armor.

    Speaking of armor, you have your typical set of armor like light, medium, and heavy. And it does weigh on you and effect your movement. You also get a number of options, usually in unlocks of equipment and gear like new headgear, eye wear, weapons packs and camouflage packs. A lot of stuff here, but I really hate to unlock tactical gear, a team like Rainbow should already have all the gear they need. Thatís a little arcade-y in my opinion.

    With your firearms you also have a number of attachments like the ACOG scope, 6x scope, 12x scope, High Capacity mags, laser sights, (and you see the laser in smoke), and reflex scope.

    You also get hand grenades, flash bangs, C4, breaching charges, smoke grenades and incendiary grenades which is way too popular in the online arenas. Guess what boys and girls, something Iíve wanted in the series for a long time, a shield. Gone is the hammer entry tool from Lockdown, about the only thing I loved from that game. You get a few more things only in multiplayer mode like a GPS device, motion sensor, radar jammer, and gas mask. Brings back memories of the earlier Rainbow Six days donít it.

    Single player:

    You have the single player campaign, which is actually pretty good with a good plot and some serious action. I wonít ruin the story for you but letís just say that youíll be a virtual changed man after a few incidents that happen with you and your team. You have to play the campaign to unlock the mission list, and then you can go back and play your favorite missions over and over. And guess what, youíll want to. Gone is the game play were your forced down a certain path. In Vegas there are multipaths and multiways of getting to an objective. Sure youíre guided some, they have to keep you in the game, but you have more tactical options then you did in Lockdown.

    Also, as part of the single player is terrorist hunt, just you against light, medium, or high density of terrorists. Hone your combat skills because it isnít a walk in the park like it was in Lockdown, terrorists donít just pop up and down in one spot, not in Vegas baby.

    You get ten terrorist hunt maps, and they're all well done. Most are from the single player campaign, but there are a couple of classics like Kill House and Streets, remember those classics?

    I only hope this game sells well enough to have a few mods and map packs get released for it from the dedicated and talented gaming community.

    Donít think this is all walking and shooting. No, there are no vehicles but what have become very popular in tactical shooters lately are proper cover and tactics. I for one am very happy with this new direction. The maps are made to provide you proper cover, and for you to utilize your teammates in a couple of bounding overwatch type moves to an objective. You run from point A to point B in this game, and youíll see red fast. No, sad to say this is not the type of tactical shooter that started the series, This is not the one shot, one kill tactical game of Rainbow Six original and/or the much respected Ghost Recon original series. This is a cross between tactical shooter and action game. Sure I miss those diehard tactical shooters but this type is the future. Again, at least itís not that shooting gallery called Lockdown. As I said when I reviewed GRAW for the PC, donít look at it as a continuation of the series, but its own game with a similar name.

    It was weird at first, but Iíve gotten use to it and like it. When you go up behind some type of cover, like a car, cement block, or even a door frame, you hold your right mouse button down and youíll be moved from a first person to a third person view, with you up against that cover. Then you can either hit the left mouse button to blind fire, where you donít aim but just point the weapon in the general direction and spray and pray. Hey, it doesnít work to well in a wide open area, but you do that on a stairwell with a couple of tangos running up to you and youíll get the kills. You can also stay behind cover, and then move the left or right key to swing your head and weapon out to aim and shoot while still mostly behind cover. It works well, but I still do wish that we PC gamers could have had lean left and right keys, but no joy on that.

    You control your team by pointing at a place of interest, like behind a wall or door and will get the options to order them to move to position or stack on door. Then you have three options on how to enter or clear a room, like ďflash and clearĒ, ďfrag and clearĒ, and ďbreach and clearĒ. The system works pretty well. I forgot to mention the snake cam, you stack up on a door and point to the bottom of the door and get an option to slide in a snake cam, you can then, get this, tag terrorist in order of the takedown. You put your cursor on a terrorist, hit your T key, and it will say ďtake him out firstĒ, then second, third and so on. You then give your two man teammates the order, and they do a very respectable job at entry and clearing.

    Thatís not all folks; Rainbow Six Vegas implements some of the best dang rope action ever in a PC game. You see a rope, you can order your team to fast rope down, and/or do it your self. You can order your team to hook up for a fast rope and then you hook up, and give the order for the team to fast rope down together, right in the middle of some of the best dang gunfights ever. Fast roping is one thing, but it doesnít stop there. Rappelling is modeled the same way, order the team to hook up, you do the same, then order them to move down. Get to a window, you have two options. Hit your invert key, flips you face down, pulls out your pistol and tag a couple of terrorist from outside the window. Or you can order the team, and you, to breach by kicking out and busting into the window, again usually into one heck of a firefight. I love how this has all been modeled and portrayed in game. A big plus for Vegas on this fun action.

    OK, something Iím not too happy about but I guess its better then health kits. One of your teammates go down, you have a certain time to get to him and heal him, if a teammate bleeds out and dies, or dies from a direct shot like in the head, the game is over and you have to load the last check point. (Yes thatís how the save system is, a console type auto save point, with a PC, we should have the ability to save whenever.) You can order your other teammate to heal a buddy with a push of a key stroke. Thatís not too bad I guess, but I donít like that when you take hits your vision gets blurry, and all you simply have to do is get back and youíll auto recover. I personally would of preferred less bad guys, (there's like thousands of terrorist in this game, some terrorist recruiter better of gotten a Christmas bonus or something for all his hard work), and more of a one or two shot and your dead death model.

    The friendly and enemy AI in Vegas has been vastly improved and is a lot tougher then anything Iíve ever played. They will flank you, they will wait for your reload and charge, they will throw smoke to conceal themselves, they will call for help, and that help comes in hugh numbers. They will use proper cover, and will talk with each other on what to do. They can blind fire just like you can, and they will bang or nade you in a heartbeat. Some of the best enemy AI in PC gaming. I said some of the best; itís still not perfect but a far cry from what the AI was like in Lockdown. Your own teammates have gotten some training too. Most of the time they do the right thing, take proper cover, and return fire, but again, it isnít perfect yet. Thereís been a couple of instances, but not many of them, facing walls or guarding an already cleared area.


    Multiplayer in Rainbow Six Vegas is classic rainbow and with the right following could be as big and tactical, for a while, as SWAT 4 was here at Tactical Gamer. You have multiple modes of multiplay. You of course have the campaign missions that can be done in cooperative mode with a total of four players. You have terrorist hunt on the same ten maps mentioned earlier, you have the typical deathmatch and team deathmatch, along with survival and team survival. You have a mode of attack and defend, where one team attacks the defending team. And finally you have retrieval, where you have to retrieve items and get them back to your ďbaseĒ.

    Unfortunately the only way to play multiplayer is through UbiSofts online service. You have to sign up for an account, no direct IP or anything like that. Iíve never been a big fan of required services from publishers; I prefer a direct IP or a simple in game browser.
    When you do sign up for an account, then log in, the first thing you have to do is create your persistent character. You choose from a number of faces, armor, and clothing. You also can pick a tag for those dedicated clans or gaming groups.

    Multiplayer is fun when it works. I hadnít had any tech issues with this game what so ever, until I attempted multiplayer. It seems that 1 out of 5 tries of connecting to a server or just picking the search function will kick me to desktop. I re-connect again, and it works. But itís happened more then once.

    I tried all the game modes, Iíve always preferred co-op with a couple of dedicated tactical gamers like myself (but of course none of you seem to have gotten the game), all on teamspeak so we could properly communicate and organize, but I still had fun in the other modes. Of course, if you simply join a server, rarely is there proper teamwork or tactics that you would find here on our own server. Thatís why it is my opinion that games like Rainbow Six Vegas are only good in multiplayer when you belong to a gaming group like Tactical Gamer. Join an open server, and expect a lot of grenade and incendiary grenade deaths. Because people love those grenades, especially the incendiary grenades. Nothing like watching a virtual opponent burn to death. Iíd say itís been my experience on an open server, that most of the deaths Iíve observed were from grenades not gunfights. But they still happen, and can be very intense, and fun.

    Like I said earlier, you also have exclusive toys to multiplayer, but for the most part there not used much unless some organized clan vs. clan battle or something similar is planned.

    Graphics and sounds:

    What can I say, Vegas is beautiful. This is one of the most colorful games Iíve ever seen, on par with the Far Cry tropical island look, but this of course is Vegas. A lot of red and a lot of lights. On the same token it is also an exact port from the Xbox 360 version, therefore the textures are limited. The PC is able to handle more textures then any console, even the new generation, but there not improved in the PC version, just directly ported.

    When your flying overhead in your helicopter, you can see thousands of cars stopped on the highway, and if you keep looking, youíll see emergency service vehicles running code three (lights and sirens) to the frontline. Youíll see the Vegas strip like no other has been produced in a computer game. Then youíll have all the lights and sounds of the casinos. Flowing water, and even big fish tanks.

    The character animations are incredible. When you watch your team enter a room, watch, there movements, they are fluid, fast, and they slide there bodies around the door frames not a simple pivot turn. I do believe that the game textures are reduced in multiplayer mode, because they donít look as crisp as the single player campaign.

    The sounds are just incredible. The sounds of the casinos, the gunfire and explosions. The sounds of the bad guys calling for help, or yelling at a partner to flank you.
    Be warned thou, this title is rated M for a reason. The language is very adult orientated, a little too much in my opinion. But Iím ok with it.


    I believe Rainbow Six Vegas is one of the best tactical shooter to come along in a while. Sure it has a lot of left over console elements in it, but the game play, the story line, and the tactical action makes this one any Tactical Gamer member would want to experience, both online and off. Now let me re-state that this is not the classic tactical shooter of yesterday. It is a new breed of tactical shooter, one with more of an action element. Sure not perfect, but donít miss this game just because it has more action, with the right gaming buddies, you can make it as tactical as you want.

    I do fear that UbiSoft may have made a couple of hugh tactical errors in the release of this product and there history with the series. We all know what a disappointment Lockdown was, that terrible piece of work, may just have already cost UbiSoft a couple thousands in sales. And then the required Shader Model 3.0, thatís going to knock off anyone without one of the latest video cards. Even video cards a year old donít support Shader Model 3.0, again this is going to cost a lot of sales. Then finally the multiplayer service that is required. Thatís three strikes, in baseball thatís an out. Itís unfortunate, because I really believe that this game could have been a contender for game of the year. But in the world of computer gaming, most games, not all of course, die within months of release. I feel this is what will happen with Vegas. Heck, I think I read somewhere that they have already started on the next in the series. (Not confirmed.)

    If you want a great story, plenty of action, and can handle the computer requirements, then pick up this bad boy. Even if youíre a tactical diehard, I donít think youíll be disappointed. But if your only true interest is multiplayer, then Iíd recommend you pass. Just because of the UbiSoft service, and the difficulty in finding good, tactical, games on open servers. Now of course if you belong to a fantastic gaming group like I do, as long as those members support and play the game on our own dedicated server, then you canít go wrong with Rainbow Six Vegas. Itís a little more action then SWAT 4, but very similar in tactical play. Instead of 6 to 10 bad guys per level like in SWAT 4, you have 100 or so tangos, this can get a little chaotic.

    Like I said with GRAW, donít look at Rainbow Six Vegas as the next in a tactical series, look at it for what it is, the new generation of tactical shooters. Thereís plenty of tactics and techniques in this game, along with an insane number of tangos which equal action.

    My system specs:

    Dell XPS Gen 4
    Pentium 4 3.75 MHz processor
    2 gigs of DDR2 RAM
    Raedon 1950 XTX w/ 512 video RAM
    SoundBlaster Audity
    250x2 hard drive

    Check out more images here:

    Here's a couple of videos I've made:
    (realize, while recording a major extra FPS hit occurs)
    Magnum |TG-18th|

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    Re: Rainbow Six Vegas for the PC

    Really enjoyed the detailed review. Thanks Magnum.


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      Re: Rainbow Six Vegas for the PC

      Good review. I havent been disconnected from any servers like you have yet. Make sure that you are joining dedicated servers.

      I think a TG "Attack/Defend" server would be great here if theres enough interest. Maybe a simple poll to see how many people would want a server like that could gauge interest here.


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        Re: Rainbow Six Vegas for the PC

        Nice review Magnum! There's at least half of the 33rd that has this game and throughly enjoy it. We play mostly Coop Terrorist hunt. It's a challenging game that demand coordinated tactics and plenty of communication. Drawback is you can only play terrorist mode with 4 people; however, as you mentioned there are other multi-player modes that we've barely explored. I'd like to invite you to play with us anytime, just hop on 33rd TS channel when you see me. DarkViper, Clawhammer, Calvin, Bane, Snail and myself have been playing regularly since the PC release. We've hyped up so much that a few other 33rd bro's are planning to pick it up as well.


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          Re: Rainbow Six Vegas for the PC

          Nice write up Magnum! Like Roach said, there's a good bunch of us that play usually around 10pm EST. Feel free to hop on and join us.
          [squadl] [sniper][unit]


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            Re: Rainbow Six Vegas for the PC

            Yeah, its a shame about shader model 3.0

            I could run it if that wasn't a requirement and with my MOBO, I've got about the best I can get for AGP, shader model 3.0 is going to cost me a whole new rig. Hopefully you boys are still playing when I can put together enough cash to step up. Looks amazing though, good write-up Magnum. I'd give you rep, but I don't give enough out it seems :row__642:


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              Re: Rainbow Six Vegas for the PC

              Thanks alot for the review, I was waiting for some reliable PC gaming source to talk more deeply about the tactical aspects of the game. This review is the reason me and a few freinds are getting the game this weekend.Ventrillo + Coop


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                Re: Rainbow Six Vegas for the PC

                Nice review ;-)

                I realy like te game , the cover system is awsome ones you get use to it .
                I like the sneaky part in MP too , makes it allot more fun then the classic FPS titles.

                I did had problems to play online first but all works fine now :-)

                For the other ppl that have a D-link router ( mine is a DI-624+) and are getting the message that "the operation took to much time ....." sould try this tip i found on the RB6V forums.

                Do NOT enable your DMZ on your router , instead disable it and forward the ports needed for RB6V ( [TCP 80 , 3074] and [UDP 3074 - 3174]) , that fixed the problem for me. I know this does not sound logical , but it works so ... ;-)

                Greetz FWO
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                  Re: Rainbow Six Vegas for the PC

                  Very nice review! I think this game is fun too. I can't believe I'm able to play it on my system though. I have a decked out NF2 motherboard, amd athlon 3200, agp (8x) nvidia 7800 gs (overclocked stock from BFG) "Great Card" by-the-way!!! The games runs ok. some scenes have a touch of lag though playable! Heck so far, I've been able to play ALL the new games on this system!


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                    Re: Rainbow Six Vegas for the PC

                    Nice Mag...good info as usual from you.

                    One option you guys might want to try is the use of Hamachi. It's a VPN software that lets you play the game in LAN mode instead of internet. IF the throughput is good enough, then you and some buds connect up to each other like you're all in the same room.

                    A few of us MGG guys do this with Company of Heroes instead of using the servers and it works quite well. You can play anything that lets you use LAN as a connection type.



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                      Re: Rainbow Six Vegas for the PC

                      Good review. Altough I picked up the game today before reading this. I wanted to point out that if anyone is running this on an SLi rig to rename the exe

                      [drive letter]:\Program files\Ubisoft\Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas\Binaries\R6Vegas_Game.exe

                      [drive letter]:\Program files\Ubisoft\Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas\Binaries\UTGame.exe

                      Doing this boost my FPS from an average of 10 to an average of 25 @ all max and at 1680x1050 (widescreen support binaries can be found here:

                      Game seems awesome, altough lacks the classic R6 feel. Havn't tried it online yet, but most likely will this weekend.


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                        Re: Rainbow Six Vegas for the PC

                        Originally posted by Octupi06 View Post
                        Nice Mag...good info as usual from you.

                        One option you guys might want to try is the use of Hamachi. It's a VPN software that lets you play the game in LAN mode instead of internet. IF the throughput is good enough, then you and some buds connect up to each other like you're all in the same room.

                        A few of us MGG guys do this with Company of Heroes instead of using the servers and it works quite well. You can play anything that lets you use LAN as a connection type.

                        Hamachi is some great software.


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                          Re: Rainbow Six Vegas for the PC

                          Thanks Zoopy for that awesome tip for those of us with SLI rigs. I didn't do a FPS comparison, but the difference is considerable. Before, Vegas ran a little jerky and very jerk when the action got heavy, but now it is smooth as silk.

                          The only thing is that I can't use the launcher anymore to run the game (I have to execute the renamed UTGame.exe manually). Is there anyway to get the launcher to recognize the new name of the file?


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                            Re: Rainbow Six Vegas for the PC

                            Originally posted by Fuzzy View Post
                            Thanks Zoopy for that awesome tip for those of us with SLI rigs. I didn't do a FPS comparison, but the difference is considerable. Before, Vegas ran a little jerky and very jerk when the action got heavy, but now it is smooth as silk.

                            The only thing is that I can't use the launcher anymore to run the game (I have to execute the renamed UTGame.exe manually). Is there anyway to get the launcher to recognize the new name of the file?
                            Not that I know of. But what does the launcher do? Just auto patch? If so, just look online to see if there's a new patch, rename the "UTGame.exe" back to the original name and run the launcher. Then once patched rename back.


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                              Re: Rainbow Six Vegas for the PC

                              I'm playing it in mi Samsung x495 hahahaha
                              Great game... I thought that it will have a little better graphs but are cool anyway... nice review ;)




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