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  • Lost Saga Review!!!

    Lost Saga is an Action MMO created by OGPlanet. Unlike its counterpart Rumblefighter, Lost Saga is less customizable but very chaotic and spontaneous in its games. Lost Saga is a F2P game and requires download but most computers should handle it.

    Lost Saga revolves around the Hero system. In this game you can play as sevearal different characters that are known as Heroes. The heroes range from Shadow Assassins, Boxing Champs, Tao Masters, Cowboys, Fire/Ice Mages, Cyber Medics, etc. and all have their own unique talents. Each character can be purchased via Pesos, the online currency system, or Astros, OGPlanet's cash shop system. Depending upon your choice the characters can be bought permanently or for time limits. The heroes you play as level up as you do more battles and skill points can be distributed to several skills of the hero or basic stats such as attack and defense.

    Lost Saga's battle modes consist of Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Crown Control, Boss Raid, Prisoner, etc. and each have their perks. In battle your character may spend time but also gain experience and pesos. On the conrary, Lost Saga also offers HQ's and Plazas. The HQ is your main login spawn point where you can play as any of your obtained heroes and train without losing time. The plazas are similar to HQ's but they're open to everybody. There are 2 types of Plazas, Chat and Fight. In a Chat Plaza you can talk or fight among friends without spending time or giving damage. In Fight Plazas your character can receive damage but does not spend time.

    The graphics of Lost Saga are at your control. You can select from varying resolutions and pixels to enhance your gameplay or fit the requirements of your graphics card/driver. The scenery in most stages is beautiful both on the map and on the boundaries.

    Lost Saga has a very benevolent community as of now. Most people don't mind helping you in created battles or sharing their equipment in Fight plazas.

    Lost Saga is a very innovative game especially for those who are tired of playing several "grinding" MMORPG's. Lost Saga is promised to keep you occupied and if you're not playing yet then what are you waiting for? Join the battle!



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