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  • never ever unban phone

    Re: it appears i was banned for being a GRIEFER

    i dont care about contacting the admin, im more concerned for the ns community which is dying with these stupid random bans
    There is simply no reason to unbanned this guy. His argument is that hes concerned for the ns community dying...HA! He is a reason the community is dying. NEVER TRUST ANYTHING THAT COMES FROM HIS MOUTH!
    By the way phone why dont you let the internet world know your home address. We can help you with your griefing issues. I'm absolutely sure that we could resolve your problem.

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    Re: never ever unban phone

    mac, as stated in the thread that phone created, we do not discuss ban issues in public. i understand you're adamant about his ban sticking, however, this isnt something that should be brought up outside the contact an admin forum.


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      Re: never ever unban phone

      Mac as ferris stated and I think you also forgot to notice that TG is for mature gamers. We all at one point have a lapse in judgement but posting the way you have shows that your ban though disheartening to you was justified.
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