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Open Letter to People Who Make Games

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  • Open Letter to People Who Make Games

    Yeah, I about agree with everything Mr. Pitts has to say here.

    Last two paragraphs are particularly striking:
    You will be the one who has made a game that is so bad I can't actually play it. You will have failed at your only job, to make a game. Worse, you will have contributed to the depression of your industry. You may be putting yourself and people you know out of a job. You may, in fact, be contributing to a crash the likes of the one in 1982, which destroyed an entire industry. You will have, in other words, repeated your history, and you will have only yourselves to blame.

    Therefore I ask you, with all humility and sincerity, to hear what I have to say, and the next time you feel entitled to create an anonymous blog to complain that your supervisor won't allow you to make dancing bears, or to blame your marketing manager for creating a bad gameplay trailer, or your publisher for setting too strict a deadline, or some senator for having a problem with blood, or Bobby Kotick for being a jerk, or the ungrateful fans for saying bad things about you on the internet or buying games used or stealing them outright, I ask you to please take a moment to reflect that you have made a deal with the people who purchase your games. You are in business together. You are working for them as much as for your boss. Please make better game for them in the future than you are currently making now.

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    Re: Open Letter to People Who Make Games

    I wonder what three games failed him.


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      Re: Open Letter to People Who Make Games

      Fallout: New Vegas must be one of them. It has tons of issues on the 360, including a crash that can render the game unplayable by corrupting all of your saves.
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        Re: Open Letter to People Who Make Games

        Civilisation V might be another, and perhaps Fable 3? He said Bethesda (Fallout: New Vegas), 2K (Civ V) and Microsoft (Fable 3). Though I haven't heard anything about Fable 3 being buggy, and not much on Civ either.
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          Re: Open Letter to People Who Make Games

          Fallout: New Vegas and Civilization 5 were two of my guesses as well. Fable 3 isn't so much buggy as it is standard fare for Fable games--the expectation never meets up with the reality of release (though Fable 3 was relatively okay about this, mainly because they made Peter Molyneux shut his ****ing trap for once), so I don't think it's the mystery Microsoft game, as the article is more of a condemnation over poor product stability than bad/mediocre gameplay.

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          Maybe the Microsoft jab has to do with the Xbox 360's atrocious reliability that has resulted in some people having a total of 5 hardware-failing systems over 3 years time.
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          As a side note, I have had zero glitches with release day plays of both Civ 5 and FO:NV.


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            Re: Open Letter to People Who Make Games

            Got Fallout New Vegas a few days back and have been playing a TON of it and am really pleased how few problems I've had with it compared to FO3 on PC, even with a few dozen mods on at this point. Especially love that the HDR causing a crash every hour problem is fixed for me.

            Also haven't had a single problem in Civ 5, but I didn't expect problems there like I did with FNV.

            2k game could have been Mafia 2 after thinking about it a bit. He also didn't say as if those three developers were for sure them so it could have even been something like F1 2010 that has had save-eliminating issues along with several other big issues and a decent amount of niggling issues.




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