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Bored: Quake Live down

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  • Bored: Quake Live down

    Ok so I installed a new HDD earlier this evening and after that I have had a bunch of problems.
    Whenever I join a BC2 server I get kicked by PunkBuster. I get the lovely pnkbstrB/A.exe handshake fail message.
    Now to solve this I usually just update PB manually but tonight this does not fix the issue, I even unistalled PunkBuster and reinstalled it to no avail. Thing is none of my games are working properly online. I have tried TF2, CS: source, BC2, CS 1.6 etc. These games all run PunkBuster.
    At one time I was able to play on a Swedish server (my country) but none otherwise.

    So I suspect that maybe the change in hardware is screwing with the PB client, but who knows?

    I thought that Quake live would satisfy my gaming needs for this evening. alas it is down for maintenance.
    I was greeted with a youtube video that really made me drop my jaw. How the hell do you get that good?

    I was really impressed by this video since Quake is in a way my first experience with multiplayer FPS games. I remember playing Quake 1 only using the keyboard and calling all the players with a mouse stupid (I was 12) Hell I even used the game CD in my stereo to listen to the soundtrack by Trent Reznor (NiN)

    So does anyone here on TG play Quake Live?
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    Re: Bored: Quake Live down

    Hmmm...I've got the ID superpack. Surely it's in there somewhere? I've only got a few of the titles installed.


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      Re: Bored: Quake Live down

      Nah, Quake Live isn't a Steam title, it's actually a web based game on
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        Re: Bored: Quake Live down

        I may have found a solution finally.

        I had to tab out of the game after being kicked, go to the PnkBstrA and B execs processes and run them as administrator.
        Restart the game.
        After that I have no problems. Why i had to do that to get it working properly again I have no idea.

        So if some of you have similar issues with Punk Buster, try it out.
        I am running Windows 7 64 bit.
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