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Working over the summer SUCKS!

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  • Working over the summer SUCKS!

    I'm working at my school over the summer to help pay some of my tuition. 1200$ actually. And I sit here 5 hours every day... Pressing a button on these laptops, every hour or so. Pretty flippin' monotonous. I can't even begin to describe the boredom I've been through at this god-awful place. So today, it got to be too much. I got an unrestored laptop. Meaning it still has all of the junk on it from the student who used it. I was going to put steam on it and play on TG. Fast wireless internet and my own mouse and such. It's ingenius!. So I get here. There is 1 unrestored laptop. ONE!!! It was my only hope. So I boot it up, download steam, log onto my account. What are the chances that when I go to download/update the files THAT I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH SPACE!!! So I sat for about 45 minutes removing EVERYTHING. From office, to photoshop, you name it, I removed it. Yet, for some reason there is STILL only 2.7gb free! CS:S NEEDS 3GB!!! ARGHGHGH!

    So I gave up for a while. sat here. read forums. I laughed. I cried. Then I had an even better idea. PLAY OLD CS!!!

    too bad there isnt a PCS server for CS. Well, I'm off to a land of joyous fragging and such.

    |CS:S Dev Team|

    root: I do it to
    steve: OMG
    steve: TOO
    root: ****ing hell
    root: Spelling nazi down! MEDIC!

    Go ahead, you know you all envy me, I corrected root's grammar :D

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    Re: Working over the summer SUCKS!

    Hello GreG!!!!!!! Its about time that you joined the forums...... To everyone this is my buddy Greg and we just recently had a lan party for his b-day. I decided that we needed to play a PCS-style match and told him all about your servers, and well here he is... Nice to see you here buddy. Now you shall get pwnt by the zestyfullness of the almighty planning guru: Root!!!!!
    |CS:S Development Team|




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