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Virtual party at my house...

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  • Virtual party at my house...

    well the wife comes to me and says she's going to take the kids up to my parents for the weekend, and go to Bush Gardens... I say "good idea, have fun"...

    Then I get an idea... how about a secret vacation for myself? No work, no gym, no wife, no kids... only the dogs (and those damn cats, not my idea!), anyway...

    I secretly took off from work this Fri and Sat, (normally off Sun and Mon)... So I figured, for three days, going to order Pizza, drink beer, and sit on my ass and play computer games all weekend, near non-stop... just to revisit some old favorites and get some time in with new ones that I have neglected, (like my kids, lol).

    So, if anyone wants to join my party reply me, e-mail me, message me, or send up smoke signals.... better yet either look for me here, in these forums, on my personal Team Speak server (see game web page for connection info), or on Xfire (magnum50) to get some multiplayer action... be warned I might be drunk, strike that... I will be drunk! lol

    Just a few suggestions: AA, JO, OFP, BF2, GR, RS, SWAT4, LO FC, Falcon 4 Allied Force (just got today), PF merged with IL2FB, or Barbie's Play House!
    Magnum |TG-18th|

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