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EA Sent me a birthday present

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  • EA Sent me a birthday present

    Dear ****,
    EA makes it easy to get what you really want this birthday more
    EA GAMES action.

    Just use the $15 EA Gift Code and head over to the EA STOREsm to buy a present you know you'll love.

    That almost makes me half tempted to buy BF2.

    but only half. And not the important half either.

    (birthday's not for another week and a half, if anybody cares)
    a.k.a. NinjaPirateAssassin
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    Re: EA Sent me a birthday present

    Yeah, they sent me one last year as well.


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      Re: EA Sent me a birthday present

      EA sent me a birthday present last year too. I was expecting Madden '04, so I was kinda dissapointed when it turned out to be the blood of an infant child sacrificed in the company's ritualistic worship of Beelzebub.


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        Re: EA Sent me a birthday present

        Go to sleep, Boomstick.
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