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    Hello my name is Biggz, i am the current Owner of Ethereal Gaming. a xfire and ts3 clan. A friend of mine he goes by the name of chken was telling me about TG and i was hoping to talk to one of the admins. i hear alot about TG and i was hoping to maybe learn some things about being a good owner or admin because my clan is still new. Please Contact me on xfire or my email/facebook at [email protected]
    my xfire is biggs124.

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    Re: Hello



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      Re: Hello

      yeah i was just hopeing to get a hold of one of the main people for this. ive looked at alot of the videos you have and i just cant stop hearing how well TG is and im wanting to hopefully have mine the same way. a cool place where people can go and game without drama you know.


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        Re: Hello

        You should jump on our Teamspeak 3 server. There you will find alot of our admins. I am sure they (as I) would love to give you some insight and a few pointers.


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          Re: Hello

          I would love too but i dont have the info.


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            Re: Hello

            Here is the TS info you need.

            Down load an up-to-date TS3 version here
            Install and follow the direction for basic setup.

            To connect to the TG server you will need to:
            1. Click connections in the top left corner.
            2. Select connect
            3. Type in in the address box
            4. Port should be 9987
            5. Your username in the nickname box
            6. No password required.
            7. Select connect - this willl take you to the default channel.

            From there you can double click the channels you are interested in.
            We are not apologetic for who we are. What we can do, however, is educate people so that they fear us for the right reasons.




            TeamSpeak 3 Server


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