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  • Greetings :D

    hello there, saw a few TG members added to the AusArma MSO skype chat so i thought i would stop by and say hello :D

    Names Thor2k4, i em one of the founding members of the =VMTR= (Vipers; Marine Tactical Force Recon) we are a semi small tactical FPS squad. Our first game was BF 1942 Desert Combat, we then moved to BF2 for awhile and dabbled a little in BF2142 but mainly jumped right into GRAW, played that for almost 2 years and went right into Arma 2 and have not looked back since :D Feel free to check us out on our website

    I have been playing with the AEF and AAF guys on the MSO for about 3 months now, looking forward to the joint MSO and playing some with you guys in the future.

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    Re: Greetings :D

    Welcome to TG Thor! Always good to see people from other communities popping in. We do have a very large Arma community (and I noticed you talking to Dredge in Teamspeak, he's definitely the guy to talk to for everything Arma related) and, in fact, have large and active communities for most of the other games you mentioned as well.

    So if your guys are looking to take a night (or day) off from Arma and wanted to tear up some GRAW, 2142 or BF2, send em over and I'm sure we can show em a good time!




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