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  • Splinter Cell Conviction

    Was wondering if anyone else here has Splinter Cell Conviction. If you do, please post your multiplayer game-name so i can add you, i'm always looking for another partner for the coop or infiltration mode, hunter, or last stand.

    game name for ubisoft profile: vita158

    Hawks_lead plays too so if anyone else plays let me know.

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    Re: Splinter Cell Conviction

    oh and if anyone else is thinking of getting it, you should. the campaign is fun, the achievements are interesting (one is put a guy into human shield and smash him into a wood door and shatter the door).


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      Re: Splinter Cell Conviction

      SirNerd or Sir-Nerd i can't remember which, ill have to reinstall the game.

      My Resume includes Pirate, Mercenary, and a Devil Dog, what else do you want.

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        Re: Splinter Cell Conviction

        i got one vid of a mode called hunter which you have to kill all target by any means necessary. so that should be ready and up in about 40 mins, i have it uploading to utube right now.


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          Re: Splinter Cell Conviction

          Music: The Crystal Method: Tweekend - Name of the Game
          Game: Splinter Cell - Conviction
          Mode: Hunter
          Mode Description: Kill all targets by any means necessary
          Character: Archer


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            Re: Splinter Cell Conviction

            acsam12304 please add me its so hard to find someone to play this game with. if you want to play with me, just go to Teamspeak and look for me if im on my user name for team speak is FoxDelta. or if you have the STEAM version of the game add acsam12304. :D
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