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  • Operation Flashpoint Red River

    Hey everyone, i'm new to the tactical gamer forum but Ive known about you guys for a while. Anyway I was wondering what you guys think of the new and upcoming operation flashpoint red river fps, I know that you guys are heavy into mil-sim games like Arma2, Project Reality and etc so I wanted to get some input from this community on that specific shooter, it'll help me decide whether I should spend my money on the game or not.

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    Re: Operation Flashpoint Red River

    for me? im planing on getting it, but not when it first comes out. go on Amazon or wait for it to be a deal on STEAM. i like Operation Flash Point Dragon Rising a lot.
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      Re: Operation Flashpoint Red River

      No MP, COOP only concentrating on the console this time for sales. I may pick it up at a firesale but have no immediate plans to purchase this as once burned, twice shy. Codemasters did an extremely lackluster job of supporting Dragon Rising and it will take a long while before I come back to any title they release.
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        Re: Operation Flashpoint Red River

        No dedicated servers or MP, and they failed us with DR like bronco said. This will be a straight console port probably, so won't offer much to the PC crowd. So i won't be picking this up either.




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