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  • Rate of Kill in Various Games

    I am interested in assessing the rate of kill in various games here at TG.

    Certain games are designed for very high rates of kills per round (as round time varies, we should say, kills per minute).

    I would think that ARMA has a very low rate of kill, while something like BF 2142 has a very high rate of kill.

    I would be grateful if players would post a few end of round screen shots here so we could quantify the rate of kill across game types.

    Thank you,


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    Re: Rate of Kill in Various Games

    All the BF games have stats available, including kills/min and deaths/min. Not sure if they've been aggregated, but if you look up some specific player ID's, you could compile your own statistics.

    Too bad there isn't a 'fun per minute' stat, ey?


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      Re: Rate of Kill in Various Games

      For example, here are my stats, SL'ing most of the time... so these numbers will be on the low side.

      67hrs of [ranked] BF2:

      Total & Streak 2,258 / 43
      Per Minute 0.535
      Per Round 6.884
      Total & Streak 1,569 / 10
      Per Minute 0.372
      Per Round 4.784

      55hrs of 2142:

      Kills per min. 0.504
      Kills per round 6.91
      Death per min.. 0.408
      Death per round 5.596


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        Re: Rate of Kill in Various Games

        From what i've seen the average PR player gets on average 10-20 kills dependant on role and map. though some games you can't get over 5 and others you have 40+
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          Re: Rate of Kill in Various Games

          My BC2 stats are probably skewed because I tend to go sniping/random pistil stuff in pub's a lot just to have fun which can mess up the time/round-based stats, but nonetheless:

          Total: 24,146
          Per Minute: 1.17
          Per Round: 13.36

          Total: 16,493
          Per Minute: .80
          Per Round: 9.13

          In BC2 you also get a huge difference when playing on A. Random Pub Servers (most servers), B. Organized Teamwork/Higher-end Servers (TG, =E=, etc), and C. Competitive games, but the last is usually unrated so it does not affect the global stats.

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            Re: Rate of Kill in Various Games

            In PR? Well... often I don't have any kills at all x]
            It all depends on your class and role.

            In CoD MW2? 2,65 kills per minute


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              Re: Rate of Kill in Various Games

              Originally posted by WhiskeySix View Post
              Too bad there isn't a 'fun per minute' stat, ey?
              You raise an interesting point.

              Eventually, I will distill my observations into an article exploring the types of game play here at TG. I am seeking to describe the games not from the perspective of which is best, but it terms of how people get pleasure from their games -- the types of pleasures particular to certain types of games.

              For example, ARMA offers a type of pleasure distinct from 2142.

              One of the ways to approach the question is simply to observe what people say about the games they play. I suspect that we will find patterns in the type of statements made about different types of games.

              The kills per minute will provide a rough quantitative measure, but the vernacular opinions will provide better insight into what distinguishes gameplay across genres.


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                Re: Rate of Kill in Various Games

                BC2 stats according to BFBCS (though it should be noted I haven't played the game for quite a few months at this point).

                Time played: 120h 45m
                Total: 4946
                Per minute: 0.68
                Per round (611): 8.09
                Per death: 1.39

                Total: 3557
                Per minute: 0.49
                Per round: 5.82
                Per kill: 0.72

                It should be noted however, that when I played, it was exclusively on HC settings (omniscient spam spotting completely destroyed my interest in playing SC settings). If you could evaluate just based on my SC scores, my K/D would be closer to 18 or so due to the relative immunity those settings granted you (I've called it "Wolverine Mode" for a reason). Playing HC tends to make you paranoid and extremely careful, which makes you look absolutely insane in SC settings, while also resulting in absurd situations where you die only once or twice a round (It's not that I'm getting a K/D of 18 from say, 72 kills and 4 deaths in a round, more that in a round, you get 18 kills and 1 death). Other than that, I wouldn't say I really had a specific playstyle, since it changed each map and by what the conditions necessitated.

                That said, my general playstyle for all games is usually one of self-preservation. More or less, I try to satisfy one of two goals. That is, the first goal is to be a harassing and persistent factor for the opponent. Or for the second, be an absolutely obnoxious force of nature that strikes and deals a heavy blow...then escapes without a solid chance of retaliation. If your extrapolate that to my BC2 stats, you would be better served evaluating a "damage per minute" value rather than the described kills per minute. A good example of that would have been my old StarCraft, Warcraft III, or C&C records, where I had little to no army kills or deaths, but my structure destruction rate would be extremely obnoxious for the other player/team (I remember one particular C&C3 game where my structure destruction actually outnumbered my kills by more than 10-to-1, though that team was particularly...bad).




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