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Leave of Absence: Damion Rayne

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  • Leave of Absence: Damion Rayne

    Just to let everyone know that might be wondering where I am, life's busy as all get out. I was ill last week with a 101 degree fever and bronchitis. I've planned an international trip to Australia that I'll be taking on the 5th of the coming week. I've been dealing with buying my grandparents house, setting up and planning a weeding. All in all things have been crazy busy. I still intend to play BC2 and BF2 and Test Drive with you guys, and I'm sad I've not had the time to game with you all. I also intend to keep writing articles as well as I know a few people are expecting them.

    So just and update on whats going on, and letting you all know I wont be around much over the next two months (kinda be in Aus, :) ) See you all soon!

    PS: I'll be stopping in on TS and games over the week before I leave.


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    Re: Leave of Absence: Damion Rayne

    I was wondering where you've been. Glad your feeling better and have a nice trip. See you soon.

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