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  • Join the TG Developer Relations Team!

    The beginning of the Developer Relations Team marks a bright new time for TG. Our goal is to keep TG on the cutting edge of gaming, both on the hardware and software fronts. Through our efforts, we hope to provide our members with the newest, freshest information, exclusive interviews, game betas and MORE. But this isnt a job for just one person. With the changes and growth that Tactical Gamer is undergoing at present and continuing through the next few months, the TG Developer Relations Officer is seeking candidates for the Developer Relations Team.

    First, a little bit about what the team will be doing:

    The Developer Relations Team is going to be the front lines of TG's presence in the game development community. Headed by Ferris, the team will maintain an active presence in forums of major developers, both hardware and software, but with a primary focus on game development houses.

    In addition to this fairly mundane activity, we will be undertaking projects with the intent of establishing relationships with new and existing developers by reaching out and making contact with public relations teams, administrators and developers. This will entail a good amount of work and SIGNIFICANT interaction and effort on the part of team members.

    Some of the tasks involved with being on the team:
    • Reaching out to development studios with the intent of establishing a relationship beneficial to both TG and the studio.
    • Organizing information collected on new and upcoming games and passing along complete packages to TG's Content Development Team for news articles and blogs.
    • Conducting interviews with studios and developers.
    • Maintaining a visible PROFESSIONAL presence representing TG on forums and such for development studios.
    • Constantly keeping your eye open for anything that TG can get our hands into!

    So, this wont be an easy job. What we're looking for are experienced gamers who can conduct themselves in a professional manner, are willing and able to put in the time and effort necessary to get the job done, and, most importantly, aren't shy. There is a good chance that at some point being on the team will entail making personal contact (either by phone or in person) with developers, so dont apply if separating your real life identity from TG is something you hold paramount. This isnt to scare anyone off, but we're playing for big money here and this isnt something to go into without knowing the facts.

    Also, this is a serious position for people who are serious about being a part of helping the community. This isnt something you can do for a day and then disappear on. Anyone who joins the team and doesnt take the job with the appropriate degree of commitment will be dismissed and replaced immediately. Again, this isnt to scare people, and its certainly not to diminish the amount of fun you have at TG (we're hoping this will be a fun team for people to be involved in), but it's not something for people who just want a fancy userbar with no real responsibility. We're providing the goods for the community and we need serious people to drive that train!

    That being said, anyone interested in joining the team should submit an application to the Developer Relations Team with the following information:
    • Username at TG
    • Games you participate AND have participated in at TG or involving TG groups (such as being in one of our World Of Warcraft guilds or EVE Online corporations)
    • A brief summary of why you joined TG and what has kept you around. As long or short as you want.
    • A brief summary of why you want to join the Developer Relations Team
    • ONE idea for a project that you feel would be a good undertaking for the Developer Relations Team to work on. This can be anything from going after a specific interview to a new game that you'd like to see us approach.
    • Lastly, PLEASE include any questions you have about being a part of the Developer Relations Team!

    Please submit this application in the Contact Developer Relations forum found HERE.

    As a final note, the Developer Relations Team will initially consist of 10 team members plus the Developer Relations Officer, so not everyone will get in. However, WHEN this takes off like we're planning on, more team members will be required. So if you dont make the first cut, dont lose faith because it probably wont be long before you get your chance! Also, Supporting Members do get priority in the application process, so if you really want to be a part of the team and dont have your SM, consider getting one!

    So without further ado, get those applications in guys and gals! We've got a long, glorious road ahead of us and YOU are the ones who are going to get us there!

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    Re: Join the TG Developer Relations Team!

    Not one application in yet? I figured people would want to be a part of this! Lets get some applications in guys!




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