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Announcing a new subscription plan - Advertising Free

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  • Announcing a new subscription plan - Advertising Free

    As most of you know, Tactical Gamer is supported through member subscriptions. Our subscriptions have always been focused around gaming, access to game servers, and extra features/functionality that we provide as a bonus. With most larger sites, advertising is used to help subsidize the costs of servers, bandwidth, software licensing, etc.

    Tactical Gamer has grown to be a large community and our Content Development team has been working to expand the types of news, articles and information that we deliver. As we continue to grow, I expect we will start to see more new faces in the forums for a variety of reasons.

    In response to this segment of our population I have created a new subscription level called "Advertising Free". This new subscription plan is $15/year and will eliminate virtually all advertising from the site. The only advertisement that is NOT removed in this, or any other subscription plan, is the standard 468x60 banner at the VERY top of the page.

    This new subscription is available immediately on our Subscription page.

    If you're interested in getting rid of the ads, here's an affordable way to do it while still helping to support the community that you are a part of.
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