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  • Battlestar Galactica Online

    new free mmo web based game, not sure how many people have tried it, but i am enjoying it right now. all you have to do is load up the game in your web browser, dont need to install anything and can play it and fly around. some of us tger are playing on us west server under the colonial side. but you use your wasd keys to fly around and you can do mining which is what i am doing currently. or kill cylon raiders or do missions. its a rpg based game in space. when im playing the game, you can find me in the mmo section of teamspeak.

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    Re: Battlestar Galactica Online

    We also have a "wing", which is BSGO's version of a guild. All you have to do is go to the wing roster screen and put tacticalgamer in the "join wing" box and it will submit your app. Currently ONiell and I are the wing admins, so one of us will accept you in ASAP.


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      Re: Battlestar Galactica Online

      Looks like I will need to put my avatar in use ;) Will check this out this evening.


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        Re: Battlestar Galactica Online

        O'Niell got me playing it a couple days ago. Just joined the wing now. Look for "Firix" in game.

        We're all playing on th US-West server, Caprica, for anyone who's looking to play

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          Re: Battlestar Galactica Online

          ill give it a try
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            Re: Battlestar Galactica Online

            be sure you pick what u want to do in the game. there are 3 different clases for the game. and once u get higher into the lvl of ships you can command, the more type of slots it will have open for you to add.

            like for offensive support - more Engine Systems available to use (able to close the distance to the enemy and do tons of damage by closing the distance allowing the enemy not being able to fire off missiles).
            Viper - Strike Craft (lvl 1)
            Scythe - Escort (lvl 10)
            Aesir - Line Ship (lvl 20)

            electronics support - more Computer Systems available to use (good for hacking other ships or giving your allies more damage or speed or turning the ship easier, reducing damage or speed and turning for enemy ships, and longer ftl jumps so they cant get away)
            Raptor - Strike Craft (lvl 1)
            Glaive - Escort (lvl 10)
            Vanir - Line Ship (lvl 20)

            defensive support - more Hull Systems available to use. (able to withstand more damage while doing tons of damage back)
            Rhino - Strike Craft (lvl 1)
            Maul - Escort (lvl 10)
            Jotunn - Line Ship (lvl 20)

            now every ship can fire at the enemy, just that each ship will have better strong points for different objectives in the game. we also can use these ships to mine asteroids in the game even planetoids too. but in order to mine a planetoid, you need to call in a mining ship to do it for you, and while its there you need to protect it either from ai enemy ships, or actual players from the different faction. so far Tactical Gamer wing has around 10 players and we could always look for more. when you play the game just hit "B" key and it will bring up a window for wings, type in Tacticalgamer all one word in the join wing field and hit join wing. either oniel me or fenris will invite you in. we also have a teamspeak channel under the mmo section too and you can find us in there too.

            ill try to put up some vids of us doing some fighting when i get a chance.
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              Re: Battlestar Galactica Online

              oh for the peeps who play this, if u want to shoot down the enemy missiles without clicking them, hit your "z" key. it will target the missiles for you.


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                Re: Battlestar Galactica Online


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                  Re: Battlestar Galactica Online

                  I just made an account named "MacLeod|", I will be in game sometime soon.

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                    Re: Battlestar Galactica Online

                    I signed up and applied to the wing last night.

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