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Dragon Age 2 Demo Gameplay

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  • Dragon Age 2 Demo Gameplay

    just some clips of the action effects of dragon age 2 when i played the demo. some parts may skip, think it had to do with the fact i was rendering the vid and playing a game in the backround. i will be picking up my copy of dragon age 2 at gamestop tonight at 12am, and will be getting the strategy guide too which i should get some money off for it.

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    Re: Dragon Age 2 Demo Gameplay

    Purchased and pre-loaded it on Steam after playing the demo ("should" unlock at midnight tonight...of course, I'm expecting Steam's servers to falter miserably and EA/Bioware's DRM to be completely incapable of handling the load). I hadn't originally planned on picking it up right away, which should suggest how I felt about the gameplay changes.

    I wasn't exceptionally impressed by the original Dragon Age. Too much of the time, it always seemed like you either had to abuse the limitations of the enemy AI, save scum, or otherwise powergame to "feel" strong (an issue I never really encountered in either ME1/2). I mean, yeah, there's tactical planning...and then there's having your entire team get swarmed repeatedly by those ****ing dogs because you couldn't get the anti-knockdown power for your shield warrior until he was like level 15. Of course, when you get irritated by that, you then play the indestructible Arcane Warrior or Blood Mage builds and the game turns into an utter joke.

    Well, that and the ending decision felt forced as all hell.




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