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Pogues play 'farewell' gig in New York

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  • Pogues play 'farewell' gig in New York

    Irish rockers The Pogues will celebrate St Patrick's Day this week with a "farewell" concert in New York.

    The band, fronted by Shane MacGowan, announced last year they plan to quit touring because they are tired of life on the road.

    They played a handful of shows in the UK in December and this week they will perform a three-night residency dubbed A Parting Shot at Manhattan's Terminal 5 venue - with the final gig taking place on Thursday, St Patrick's Day.

    But it won't be the last chapter in the band's story - they have promised to occasionally dust off their instruments to play at "festivals here and there". Link.
    I would love to see that last show on St. Patricks day in NYC..

    Post your favorite Pogues song in this thread.

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    Re: Pogues play 'farewell' gig in New York

    Wow there are way too many. Ill throw out "A Fairytale in NY" just a flat out awesome song.

    Id be interested to see if Shane actually shows up for the gig. Ive seen them three times, once was unbelievable, once he was so smashed he couldnt even sing and the last time i saw them, he never made it to the stage.

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