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I like to apologize

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  • I like to apologize

    I am posting this here as some of my old friends don't drop down to the IRR fourm.

    I like to apologize to my old BF2 - BF2142 friends here on not being here gaming like I promised this past winter.
    I got the new (to me) machine and just restarted back in BF2142 this past winter and was planning on becoming more active again with the IRR. I (hangs head in shame) started to have some technical difficulties of a personal nature back in March. I am doing a lot better now.
    My son bought me a red ASUS 1015T netbook a bit ago and I been using that for the few times I get online to read news and mail.
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    Re: I like to apologize

    Don't apologize Fetterman. We all have our problems in real life. Good to see you are doing better, but remember health before games. ;)
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      Re: I like to apologize

      What Bert said. Glad to hear you're doing ok!
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