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  • Black Beauty

    I'm a putz... so I went and bought some Black Beauty squash seeds last winter and planted them. I love squash so when I bought it I was thinking cool, disease/bug resistant, compact, ever bearing squash. I can grow in containers during the warmer months and indoors in my grow room during the colder months. They are growing great in containers and I'm already harvesting.
    Has anyone else bought/grown Black Beauty squash? If so do you know any good recipes? I can't find any recipes. Do I just cook them like zucchini? If that is the case I'd love to make some zucchini bread for myself and to give to family members.
    Please help... I'm sitting on at least 8 lbs of this stuff.
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    Re: Black Beauty

    Its a heirloom varietal of zucchini. Use it the same way as you would with any other zucchini. I would just split one down the middle rub good olive oil and salt and pepper on them and charcoal grill'em.

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      Re: Black Beauty

      Thank you HiTest. I only let them grow to 7-8 inches. For the heck of it I cut one up, threw it in a covered bowl with a tablespoon of butter, pinch of salt and nuked it. Oh so good, almost like a sweet potato or summer squash.
      Today I brought a dozen to a family BBQ and my brother grilled them up. They were so good and before long all gone. :) I only got a change to eat half of one.
      I was afraid man. The last time I grew zucchini I was 12 (1992). My father would cook them up in a stew or fried/breaded and I could barely eat it. I dreaded the smell coming from the house at times. The only dish I enjoyed was the zucchini bread my neighbor baked for us once with the zucchini we gave her.
      I'm just so glad there are more ways to prepare zucchini.
      Going to try some of the kid friendly recipes I found on the net and see which ones my son likes. That way I can freeze/store them for later and give them to my sisters for her kids.
      Feel so much better now knowing I have been growing something that I can enjoy eating rather than force feeding myself. I look back and I realize that when I was a kid we were letting our zucchini get way to big 18-24 inches... that probably did not help matters/flavor at all.
      Fear is the mother of all gods. Nature does all things spontainiosly by herself without their meddling.


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        Re: Black Beauty

        Hrm. Quoting from memory and will fix later if I see I was incorrect.
        This is THE zucchini/squash recipe, if you even remotely like crab cakes. The first few times I made them (no matter how hard I tried to explain) my dad was SURE there was at least some crab in them! Once he watched me make them, then he knew. heh.

        2 cups shredded zucchini/squash drained very well (I wring it out with my hands :P)
        2 cups of bread crumbled up
        1 egg
        1 Tbsp mayo
        1 tsp or more of Old Bay

        Standard bread crumbs, if you like them.

        Mix together and form crab-cake style balls. If you'd like, roll the balls in bread crumbs (I slightly prefer them coated to uncoated). Then fry on the stove in some cooking oil, deep fry, or bake. I've done all and deep frying is easiest, but they come out nicely the other ways as well.
        For reference, all the varieties of summer squash (I grew up on white patty pans :-) can be made just like zucchini, but winter squashes (drier with a tougher shell) make for the difference. Anyway, I've got a good zucchini bread recipe, too... but it might be a somewhat standard one.

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