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It seems like its been forever...and it has.... :(

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  • It seems like its been forever...and it has.... :(


    Just thought I'd drop by and say hello. Not sure any one remembers me or if any of the old crew is still here. But I've been thinking of TG and the TG servers a lot lately, especially since BF3 is just on the horizon.

    I'm still married. Still living in the same house, only now its falling apart. I had a baby too. She is the love of my life. I got slammed by hurricane Irene, lost power for 6 days as well as a lot of damage.

    As for games I've been playing? L.A. Noire, Portal 1 & 2, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit. But the one game I've been addicted to since forever has been Fallout 3 and now Fallout: New Vegas. I haven't played any online games for so long. But then again, the only game I really enjoyed to play was BF2 and I only liked playing it here. So, with BF3 on the way I'm hoping to get on here and play with you guys.

    Anywho, how is everyone? Are the Irregs still kicking? We had fun when I played with them but the same goes for all the in-house squads. :)

    I'm cannon fodder.

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    Re: It seems like its been forever...and it has.... :(

    Hi there! The Irregulars are still going strong, gearing up for Battlefield 3 and Red Orchestra 2, as are many other IHSs.
    I know what you mean about Fallouts 3 and New Vegas, I spent at least 60 hours in FO3, and am close to 35 hours in FNV. Good stuff.
    Sorry to hear about the hurricane damage, I hope you manage to get everything fixed up soon. Congratulations on the baby as well!
    Hope to see you in BF3! :)

    - Westy.
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      Re: It seems like its been forever...and it has.... :(

      Hey there! Welcome back to TG :D

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