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  • I Have Returned

    Good to see you all again. I finally have escaped the Secret Police correctional facilities in the Hunan Province of the People's Republic of China. Looking forward to playing BF2 Retail for the FIRST TIME this weekend. I've been gone too long...things havent gotten peaceful around here have they?
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    Re: I Have Returned

    Ah hell. Everywhere, everyone plays Zephyr. ;)

    Good to see you.


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      Re: I Have Returned

      Welcome back zephyr. BF2 has totally taken over TG. I really wish I could play too.

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        Re: I Have Returned

        Where are the pics?
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          Re: I Have Returned

          Indeed, unless we see pics, We refuse to believe you exist at all!
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            Re: I Have Returned

            Originally posted by CingularDuality

            Where are the pics?
            Hes got a point, go somewhere and you dont even care to show us? I take this as a insult!

            j/k Welcome back!


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              Re: I Have Returned

              Damn I got a good pic I could post that would be perfect for this thread but I doubt I should post it.
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