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  • Diplomacy online

    Anyone for some diplomacy?

    Diplomacy is a game where you make deals with other countries to get your hands on supply centers. The goal is to hold 18 out of 30ish supply centers around europe.

    Playable countries:

    There are two unit types Army and Navy. Every unit and navy are equal in strength, meaning if two units go head to head they will bounce. To defeat an enemy unit you have to have support from another unit.

    In the beginning you have 3 supply centers (except russia who has 4), and for every supply center you get one unit.

    Example of a situation that occurs in Diplomacy:

    I have a deal with France to attack Germany while France might have a deal with Germany to attack me.

    You cannot trust anyone, but you have to trust someone to succeed!

    So what say you? Let's get a TG game going!

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    Re: Diplomacy online

    Crawly and I got one going.
    Need 7 to start.

    This is a classic game:

    From Wiki: "In its catalog, Avalon Hill advertised Diplomacy as John F. Kennedy's and Henry Kissinger's favorite game. Kissinger described it as his favorite in an interview published in a games magazine. American broadcast journalist Walter Cronkite was also reported to be a fan of the game."



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      Re: Diplomacy online

      Sounds interesting, are there any spots still open?




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