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    Battleground Europe, the next installment of the WW2 Online game now has a web site with new information, screens, and wallpaper.
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    Re: Battleground Europe (WW2 Online) site...

    Played for years, likely will rejoin, but not soon... was actually hoping ffor a new theatre, not just a boxed patch and new name.


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      Re: Battleground Europe (WW2 Online) site...

      I need to buy this. I agree Toshido I really was hoping atleast for a new side. BTW What year are they at in WWII Online.
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        Re: Battleground Europe (WW2 Online) site...

        Unfortunately they are no longer going by a realistic timeline. The have technology tiers for the different branches and certain equipment in those tiers.
        Last I heard they had just introduced a version of the FW-190 and the P-40 Lightning. I mostly flew so kept up with that mostly.

        To really understand what is going on you really need to check it out for yourself. I have been out of the loop for a good 6 months and faltered behind for months before than as well.




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