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Happy Birthday TlgKill!

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  • Happy Birthday TlgKill!

    It has come to my attention that a certain Tiglet commemorates his birthday today and I would never let the opportunity to embarrass him in front of his peers slip by!

    Monsieur Tig, I wish you all the best and, even though you are only the third best battlefield player around (Zenchi being the second and yours truly being the first, obviously!), I must inform you that your adequate fighting skills will only get better with age! I mean, look at Old Gunney!... Ok, bad example... :o

    Now that you have your Sensei's beard and a cane, I'm sure people will... treat you just the same. Wish I could mail you some pizza, but I figured it wouldn't entertain you nearly enough as a rubix cube will. So, You'll be getting one of those in the mail as well as an abacus to help you count the number of times I've knifed you!

    Heh, all the best, señor! A happy birthday to you!

    Enjoy your day! :D

    The number one, most knowledgeable, most skilled, most awesome player and person ever to walk the 'Americaness' which is TG,


    PS: You know Gunney's going to hunt me down after that comment..."CATTLEY MUST DIEEEEE!!"

    ---------“In war, victory. In peace, vigilance. In death, sacrifice.”---------

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    Re: Happy Birthday TlgKill!

    Happy Birthday Tlg. Hope you are having a blast.
    Regardless of what "they" say it does get better with age.




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