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An interesting article about EA

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  • An interesting article about EA

    I just read this horrifying article on Rock paper shotgun

    "His account was suspended for having posted a “commercial”. What he had in fact posted was a link to his non-commercial blog, to a guide to “network troubleshooting”, recently updated for helping gamers get connected to BF3. A link that’s been repeatedly posted to the same forums for a couple of years, and better still, has actually been linked to by EA Support themselves."

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    Re: An interesting article about EA

    I would say thats typical of EA. Use an RPG to take out a fly. They are quick to ban and blame customers but offer no real support for anything or anyone. They have really slipped into the realm of "Holier Than Thou". I think a big part of it has to do with them shifting focus to consoles. I really do. They dont have to worry about 10 year old CoD kids getting smart and pointing out the obvious because they are more engrossed in the "killzorz l33tsnipez" aspect of gaming. Whereas PC guys can think outside the box and EA doesn't like us/them challenging their over arcing rule.

    I have lost a lot of respect for EA over the years and this doesn't help me to think of them as a prominent game company with the gamers in mind.


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      Re: An interesting article about EA

      so sad that i bought BF3. will never touch another EA game. i had thought activision was taking the crap crown, but EA has really decided to up the ante.


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        Re: An interesting article about EA

        You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Dredge again.
        I came here to pretty much parrot Dredge's post. This view has caused me to be very suspicious of products put out by the big game publishers/developers. It's also caused me to focus my gaming time and money on smaller, independent companies like Tripwire Interactive, that develop games exclusively for the PC and have more developers than lawyers.





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