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Red Orchestra 2 on sale today!

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  • Red Orchestra 2 on sale today!

    RO2 is on sale today November 24th on Steam. It will only be on sale today. It is currently 50% off, and costs $20.
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    Re: Red Orchestra 2 on sale today!

    Nice find socomseal!

    If you, the reader, are interested in tactics and teamwork, Get. This. Game.

    Here are a few reasons a TG'er would want to consider purchasing RO2:

    1. Built in command structure. (Commander, Squad Leaders, Fireteam leaders)
    2. Working in-game VoIP.
    3. Command and Communication Widgets (commo-rose)
    4. A devoted group of developers that listen to the community and patch the game regularly.
    5. PC exclusive title.
    6. SDK (map and mod tools) will be released soon.
    7. TWI will be releasing DLC.. for FREE.



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      Re: Red Orchestra 2 on sale today!

      Bumpity-bump bump bu-bump.

      RO2 is a bit janky, but it's well worth 13, especially if you like WW2-era guns and the shooting thereof. Much like BF3, if you buy it for the singleplayer you'll be disappointed - multiplayer is where it shines. Tripwire have a good track record with supporting their titles long after release, and they're one of the few PC-focussed developer teams out there.

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