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  • [ANNOUNCEMENT] Looking for Talent at TG!

    Hello everyone,

    As a lot of you may or may not be aware, having spoken to me on TeamSpeak lately..I've sort of started my own little personal crusade. A crusade of supporting and covering Indie Game Dev, which by all accounts is the future of gaming in my own opinion. Games like Minecraft and studios like Mojang have made names for themselves creating games that gamers want to play. Yes I know we here at TG have a predilection towards FPS gaming, but most of us are real gamers with a desire to enjoy gaming as a whole. So I submit a question to you...

    "Would you like to be part of something big? A new ambitious project? Can you code, can you draw, do you want to show your talent to the world?"

    Then PM Belmontesrus, and let her know. She's working on a new project entitled "Sonata of Melancholy" that is an old school 2D Castlevania project. She needs the talent and the help and I know we here at TG can give her just that!

    Anyway, look for an interview and article coming up, the first in a series dedicated to covering Indie Game Dev.


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