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  • 25 Days of Die Hard

    So over the last two years or so I have been doing a little tribute to my favorite Christmas Movie, and my favorite movie in general on facebook.

    Two Years ago I think I did 5 days of Die Hard, and last year I did 12 Days of Die Hard on facebook.

    This year, is the 25 days of Die Hard on Facebook. Each day a new posting, unoriginal you can say, well, given that it's the holiday season why not celebrate it with one of the most underrated Christmas movies created.

    So I want to give you all a sneak peek at Day #2, today's post for the 1st Day of 25 Days of Die Hard is, a no brainer; no pun intended: Hans Gruber scoring the first headshot of the night.

    Here is Day 2, and I want to add that this clip is awesome, it really is, I have not seen it before but it is just classic, but it's semi NSFW, enjoy it anyways!

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