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  • Link to "Wheres my 21st Century Television"

    This guy understands. Until my first deployment to a country that offered internet in my room, I never really messed with trying to watch TV shows that my wife and I enjoyed when I was state side. I know my TG brethren that live overseas can attest to how difficult it can be to find legit US TV programs without having to use bit torrent. Believe me, I tried to do the legal thing. I went to the official websites and greeted with, Your not in the US you cant watch this. I sent email to the Broadcasters, asking for a legit alternative. What I was left with was torrenting my shows. And even now, being in the states, there is still no reliable way to ensure you can watch your favorite TV shows or see new ones, without going back to torrents. Now I just dont seed, as I have already gotten a call from my ISP informing me that downloading is kosher, just dont seed the file.


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    Re: Link to "Wheres my 21st Century Television"

    I have "pirated" several games who's CD's for no apparent reason quit working and after asking the company for a new CD(which sometimes works I have a set of Black and White 2 Discs that I was sent after sending the non-functional ones back to EA) I was told I would have to buy a new CD because that was not a service they provided.

    WTF? I already paid for the game's intellectual property, I am not going to pay another 10-20 to play a game that I already own but because of a lack of digital media availability am unable to play. Same with CDs and music..I own the discs but I don't like using discs they scratch they get lost or I download them and put them on my MP3 player.

    Steam is the best thing to happen to PC gaming ever..I LOVE LOVE LOVE knowing i will have NO problems re-installing every game I have on steam with no risk of finding out after a reformat that the disc is corrupted or scratched..that I misplaced the CD key or of simply not being able to find the disc..its AWESOME!

    Actually as a side note I was introduced to "pirating" on EA's forums for B&W1 because the DRM used by the company required that certain textures and objects be left on the CD so that every time they were needed(which was often) they had to be freshly pulled from the disc..which is fine if you have a fast disc drive..which I didn't and it caused the game to dog so badly it was unplayable, i went to the forums for help and someone said he had the same issue and a "NO-CD" crack solved his issue..the post was pulled but not before I saw it and quick google of NO-CD introduced me to the world of "pirating" so just another example of how a company's attempt at protecting their investment probably cost them a lot more

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