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Behavior..what's proper and what's not.

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  • [INFO] Behavior..what's proper and what's not.

    I just want to point out a few things to the influx of new blood and those that might have lost sight of this. So let me make a few bullet points,

    *If you wear TG tags next to your name, you are expected to act in a certain manner on any game that you play at any time that you represent us as a community. You are expected to act in a mature and adult manner at all times.
    *Just because you are a supporting member doesn't mean you can do whatever you want, you wont get banned for acting like an idiot, and you have /Rights/. Being a Supporting Member means you support who and what we are and you want us to remain who and what we are. We appreciate all Supporting Members, but don't become one just for the server slot, because what happens when that server goes away? Be an SM to "SUPPORT" TG as a whole.
    *Play in a mature and adult fashion at all times, use communication at all times, respect your peers, use teamwork. Period.
    *Teamwork, Maturity, Tactics. Live be these words in TG, because most of the rest of us do.

    Just a few bullet points for you to take a quick look at.

    Remember, TG is the 1% not the other 99%. We play games a certain way, take it or leave it but TG will not bend for you, you bend for TG.

    Damion Rayne

    TG-30th Damion Rayne - Commanding Officer

    Content Development Writer | Developer Relations Liaison

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    Re: Behavior..what's proper and what's not.

    +1 Sir, bang on and perfect timing!




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