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  • Introducing myself

    Hi to All at TG

    I'm Tim, aka GhostDog.

    I've just bought Arma X anniversary edition (about 3 days ago). I've been playing Arma 2 CO and I have to say I'm loving it so far, although I'm finding it a steep learning curve, but that's the reason I bought it.

    I plan on installing ACE, as it looks like it has a nice balance of realism vs playability. I've got Six Installer installed, but I've not gone as far as actually modding my game yet. I figured I'd wait and see which server seemed to be busiest, and go with that.

    Any setup/modding tips very welcome ;)

    I've gotten set up/registered on TS and I look forward to seeing you all out in the field (be gentle with me, I'm a newb).

    GhostDog o7

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    Re: Introducing myself

    The ARMA guys are a good bunch, you'll have fun with them.

    In any case, welcome to TG and the forums! Any questions pop up, by all means ask.

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      Re: Introducing myself

      Hoorah! Another one for ArmA! \o/


      "If you find yourself in a fair fight, you didn't plan your mission properly." David Hackworth


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        Welcome TG GhostDog. See u server side. Check the "Everything You Need To Know" thread in the Armed Assault threads and join up in TS. You'll find any help you may need pretty quick.

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          Re: Introducing myself

          Heya Ghostdog, it's been good seeing you on Alpha. If you have any questions about Six Updater or mods for Arma, just hop into the TS3 server and check in on Alpha or Bravo. Six Updater makes it really painless. The one headache you may have is having to unbind/bind caps lock for comms when switching between Alpha and Bravo.

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